19 Cutest Crochet Elephant Free Patterns (easy!)

Elephant crochet patterns come in many different styles and types. Some patterns create small stuffed elephants, larger toys or blankets. There are even patterns available that allow crafters to create elephant-themed accessories, such as scarves or hats.

One popular type of elephant crochet pattern is the stuffed animal pattern. These patterns allow crafters to create adorable elephants that can be used as toys or decorations.

Stuffed animal patterns can range in size from tiny elephants that fit in the palm of your hand to large elephants that are several feet tall. Some patterns may also include additional features, such as clothing or accessories for the elephant.

Regardless of your skill level, there is sure to be an elephant crochet pattern that appeals to you. Whether you are creating a gift for a friend or loved one, or simply looking for a fun and relaxing hobby, crochet patterns featuring elephants can provide endless hours of enjoyment and creativity.

So why not give it a try and see what you can create?

1. Elsie the Elephant

crochet elephant
Free pattern by Desert Blossom Crafts

This pattern is great for beginners. The final size of this elephant is roughly 9 inches in height and she looks adorable sat down in amigurumi style.

2. Tiny Elephant

Free pattern by Supergurumi

Now we have the opposite with a tiny elephant who is just 2inches tall – he can fit right in the palm of your hand.

The pattern is easy to follow, but it’s small size can make it slightly more difficult to crochet.

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3. Amigurumi Elephant

Free pattern by Love Crafts

This is a great pattern for beginners – it is made with simple amigurumi stitches and comes with photos to help you better understand the process to making this elephant.

This pattern is available as a PDF download.

4. Esther the Elephant

Elephant Crochet Pattern Free Amigurumi
Free pattern by Jess Huff

Esther is an adorable elephant that has a great pattern to follow.

The pattern is more for beginner/intermediate crocheters, but the pattern is well written with great pictures to guide you and has linked tutorials on crochet tricks and tips.

5. Oliver and Danny the Elephants

Free pattern by Amigurumi Today

These are slightly more advanced patterns, but I couldn’t resist adding these guys to the list! The elephants will be roughly 7 inches tall.

The pattern is very well written and has pictures to guide you along the way. The pattern uses basic amigurumi stitches, so it is easy to follow.

6. George the Elephant

Free pattern by Elisa’s Crochet

This is a great patter for beginners – It is easy to follow, uses basic stitches and there is minimal sewing involved.

The final size of this elephant is 7 inches – a great size amigurumi for beginners.

7. Ellie the Elephant

Free pattern by Cuddly Stitches Craft

This elephant pattern has some lovely additions such as a skirt and flower piece. A great pattern for beginners and easy to amend if you want a different coloring.

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8. Elwis and Elyra Elephant

Free pattern by Craft Passion

These elephant buddies are great amigurumi creations to make as a beginner. They have the addition of tusks in the pattern and also have clothing options of a dress and diaper – so cute!

9. Round elephant

Free pattern by All About Ami

Crocheting these adorable elephants is perfect for beginner crocheters! They are easy to customize and require very minimal sewing.

The pattern even includes an interesting addition of patterned fabric in the elephant’s ears.

10. Cuddly Elephant

Free pattern by Loops and Love Crochet

This elephant is great as a cuddly partner – made with soft velvet yarn which is so fuzzy and very cozy.

The pattern is easy to follow and could make a great gift for friends and family – especially children!

11. Plush Baby Elephant

Plush Baby Elephant Free PDF Amigurumi Pattern (1)
Free pattern by Amigurumi Toys

Another plush elephant and an adorably sized one too! You can make this little elephant very quickly due to its small size and plush yarn.

The pattern can be found for free as a PDF download.

12. Mini Elephant

Free pattern by Love Crafts

This cuddly elephant is a great pattern for beginners – the pattern has many photos to help you follow along.

Some minimal sewing is required, but it is an easy to follow pattern.

13. Elephant Lovey

Free pattern by Den Dennis

This elephant pattern is great if you’re a beginner as amigurumi and want to have a go at granny squares too. The pattern uses basic stitches and has useful pictures throughout to help you out!

14. Elzo the Elephant

crochet elephant with striped swim shorts
Free pattern by Chai Coffee Crochet

This elephant is such a cute little guy! He is made using the usual amigurumi stitches and also has cute little shorts crocheted into the body of the elephant too!

15. Colorful Elephant

Colorful Crochet Elephant - Free Pattern
Free pattern by Yarnspirations

This pattern is really easy to follow and quite a quick project to work up too! Not only that, but it is so colorful and cheerful to make!

16. 2D Elephant

Easy Crochet Elephant Amigurumi Pattern
Free pattern by Spin a Yarn Crochet

This pattern is great for beginners who prefer crocheting in rows! You make two panels and then sew them at the end and stuff to make a slightly puffy 2D elephant.

17. Elephant toy

How To Crochet Amigurumi Animal
Free pattern by Amigu World

This elephant can be made by following a series of videos on YouTube made by Amigu World. The pattern is easy to follow and has clear instructions.

The resulting elephant is quick to make due to its small size and clear instructions.

18. Velvet Elephant

Free pattern by Samyelinin Orguleri

This is such a great pattern for beginners! The velvet yarn makes the pattern very easy to work up and the pattern is very clear with useful photos throughout.

19. Easy Elephant

Free pattern by Stringy Ding Ding

This elephant is super cute and can make a great gift either as a cuddly friend or perhaps as a doorstop if you added weighted beans inside it.

There are useful photos to help you follow the pattern and ensure you are making it correctly.