19 Crochet Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Love (on a budget!)

It can be hard finding presents for those you love and sometimes even harder to think up something to make, whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or just to be nice!

So to make it easier, we have found some crochet patterns you can use to make a gift that your boyfriend will love. Some are cute and sentimental and some are useful functional items, so there’s plenty of choice.

Most of the patterns are easy to change colour and size, so they’re great for beginners. Most are free patterns, but are just as amazing as the few paid ones listed below.

1. Golf club covers

Free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

This pattern is aimed at beginners and uses single crochet stitches as well as back and front-post single crochet. It makes for a simple yet great looking pattern that covers gold clubs.

There’s a video linked to help you with stitches and tips on increasing size for larger clubs. This is a great gift for a golf lover in your life.

2. Scarf

Free pattern by Dabbles and Babbles

A scarf is always a great present and how better to show your love for your boyfriend than helping him wrap up warm in winter.

This pattern is easy and quite quick to work up and there is even a wool and color recommendation for this project too!

3. Slippers

Pattern by Adorish Originals on Etsy

This pattern is easy and made in one continuous round, except for the cuff which is crocheted and added afterwards.

The pattern includes US sizes for both men and women so you could easily make you and your boyfriend a matching pair of slippers!

4. Coasters

Free pattern by Make & Do Crew

This pattern has some elements of crochet with the edging on the coasters, but has a more DIY feel to it, so this could make a fun project!

You’ll need supplies such as leather, leather punch or a needle and yarn or twine for the crochet element of the coasters.

5. Glasses holder

Free pattern by Easy Crochet

This pattern is great if your boyfriend leaves his glasses everywhere. The case is easy to work up as it only uses single crochet and half double crochet.

Make sure to use soft yarn, so as not to scratch up any glasses stored in the finished project!

6. Water bottle holder

Free pattern by The Loophole Fox

This is a great crochet gift for anyone, not just a boyfriend. Plus, it’s easy to make and customizable.

It’s a good gift idea for those who carry water everywhere or carry very large water bottles with them on hikes and to the gym.

7. Heart plant

Pattern by Firefly Crochets on Etsy

This is a pattern with more sentimentality rather than utility. It’s an adorable way to show your love and appreciation for your boyfriend. The pattern even has tips for adding a message to it!

8. Beanie hat

Free pattern by Crochet 365 Knit Too

A beanie that is quick to work, is stylish and warm equals a great present for anyone! This pattern makes use of bulky weight yarn to quickly work up a thoughtful present.

9. Fisherman cap

Pattern by PrettyDarnAdorable on Etsy

This is similar to the pattern above, but is a fisherman hat style so it is shorter and rests above the ears. This is good for someone who doesn’t like a full hat, but still wants to keep their head warm.

10. Cushion

Free pattern by Jo to The World

This removable cushion cover is a great gift for Valentine’s Day or on any occasion for your boyfriend.

It’s also a nice way to spruce up a couch or bed. The pattern is fairly easy to work up, and does have some color changes in, but these are explained well.

11. Blanket

Free pattern by Jewels and Jones

This pattern is extremely easy to make and hence easy to change to your boyfriend’s favorite color. It also uses bulky weight yarn to make the work up quicker.

12. Mug cozy

Free pattern by TLBpatterns on Etsy

I love this pattern! It’s a small price to pay on Etsy to get three patterns in one that are clever and colorful.

This is such a great gift idea for a coffee lover in your life as it gives patterns that work for both mugs and travel cups!

13. Remote holder

Free pattern by Jo to the World

A pattern that produces a useful product is always great! This pattern is easy to work up and helps organize your remotes and other bits lying around in your home.

14. Gloves

Free pattern by Crochet Cloudberry

This pattern is another warming gift for those winter months. The pattern is easy to customize for bigger hands and quick to make too.

Please note, the pattern uses UK terminology, but they links chart show you know what the UK term is in US.

15. Plant hanger

Free pattern by Cosy Rosie UK

There’s always someone who has too many plants, but a plant hanger is a great way to allow for more plants in the home.

This pattern is very easy and can be crocheted in under an hour using hardwearing macramé cord instead of yarn.

16. iPad/Kindle sleeve

Free pattern by Life Mag Health

An elegant pattern for protecting either your iPad or Kindle and very easy to make too!

This pattern only uses single crochet and repeats the same two rows over and over till it’s the right size, so it’s easy to customize the size!

17. Air Pods Case

Pattern by merigurumi on Etsy

This pattern looks amazing and is also functional in that it can help protect your AirPods.

Once you’ve got the base pattern down, you could easily amend the pattern and change it up to create fun case designs or find more online to make!

18. Socks

Free pattern by Heart Hook Home

Making socks is easier then you think and is one of the best ways to stay warm, so why not provide that warmth to your boyfriend.

This pattern uses US terminology as very clearly shows each step with pictures and provides different cuffs for the socks to increase their length and look!

19. Little Teabag Bookmark

Free pattern by Cozy Chipmunk

Do you have a boyfriend who loves tea and reading? Maybe even at the same time? Well this cute lil’ teabag bookmark will be perfect!

The pattern is for beginners and has useful pictures throughout to help you make it! There’s a pattern for a mini cup of tea too!