19 Adorable Flower Appliqué Free Crochet Patterns

Flower Appliques make such an easy project for beginners, and advanced crocheters who would like to level up their projects! They are worked flat, and involve crocheting in the round which is a fun technique to learn as well as work.

They can be done in various colours, layers and textures! Flower appliques can be super fun to attach to pieces of clothing, make into hair clips/ties and more.

I have complied 19 flower appliques of all different styles so you have a broad range to pick from all these amazing designers! Despite being simple to make, flower appliques leave so much room for creativity so have fun with it!

1. Daisy Flower Applique

Free Pattern by Raffamusa Designs

These flowers are super sweet, easy to make and can be made in various sizes! You only need a small amount of yarn for these, and yellow and white are probably already in your stash.

The two sizes work up to be about 3cm or 5cm. The only special stitch involved in the magic circle, although the designer has linked a handy tutorial.

2. Small Flower Applique

Free Pattern by Crochet ‘n’ Create

Made in just three rows, this design is easy and cute, especially with the little pearl in the middle! They work up to about 3 inches in diameter, so a great size for stitching to some of your other projects like beanies or granny squares.

The pattern is available in UK and US format and in a pdf, so easily printable. This makes a great project for beginners and can be made into many things, such as earrings!

3. Flower Applique

Free Pattern by Truly Crochet

I love the layered texture of these flowers. They are made through crocheting two rows and rolling the fastened off piece into how it looks above. How cool is that!

These flowers work up incredibly quickly. They also make a lovely touch to any spring or summer-y themed project you might have in the works!

4. Bird and Flower Applique Set

Free Pattern by Creative Crochet Workshop

This pattern includes a flower applique and a way to apply it to a piece of art! It is an easy pattern that only involves basic stitches.

The pieces such as the branch, flower and bird are crocheted separately and then attached to the finished square.

5. Small Flower Applique

Free Pattern by Crochet For You

This is a simple but effective little flower. It only involves three rows and then you are done! The designer also has many other flower patterns so be sure to check those out.

6. Spring Flower Applique

Free Pattern by Jenny Newman

I thought these were some really cool intricate looking flower appliques! The pattern does not involve images so that make make it difficult for some viewers, but it is still worth a try.

You are to crochet 5 individual motifs and then these are assembled, there are clear instructions on how to do this.

7. Rainbow Flower Applique

Free Pattern by Annie Design Crochet

Who doesn’t love a fun rainbow flower! Feel free to experiment with colours here as there are plenty of combinations you can make.

The flower measures about 8.5cm. So, even though it is a flower applique pattern you could probably use your finished one as a funky coaster.

8. Easy Flower Applique

Free Pattern by Raffamusa Designs

These little flowers are too cute and the tiny size makes them work up super quick. They are easily done with 5 petals and can be made in three sizes, ranging from 1.9cm to 2.5cm depending on your tension.

Despite the different sizes, only one round is required to crochet them all! You just have to switch up the stitches as detailed in the pattern.

9. Gerbera Flower Applique

Free Pattern by Raffamusa Designs

The size of these flowers are about 4cm. What’s cool about these flowers is that a different colour can be used on the front and back!

Special stitches back loop/front loop only and magic circle, so this pattern is mostly aimed at beginners. Have fun making these into daisies, sunflowers or whatever you like!

10. Daisy Flower Applique

Free Pattern by Happy Patty Crochet

This daisy flower pattern is available as a free Ravelry download. It is displayed with a crochet chart as well as written instructions for those not familiar with charts.

There are a few intricate details involved with making the petals and puffy middle yellow part, so it is more of an intermediate level project.

11. Ripple Flower Applique

Free Pattern by Cute As A Button Crochet

The cool texture on these flowers are made with front and back post double crochets. There are plenty of photos throughout to explain things like where to place certain stitches and what a finished petal looks like.

Although the button looks adorable in the middle, it is optional if you don’t have nay on hand or don’t like the look of it.

12. Dahlia Flower Applique

Free Pattern by Golden Lucy Crafts

I love how the layers and contrasting colours look on these flowers! Dahlias really do make a great addition to projects you might have such as beanies or headbands.

Multicolours do look effective, although you have the option of doing them all in one colour if that’s the yarn you have on hand. The skill level is intermediate and they work up to about 4-5 inches in diameter.

13. 3 Layered Flower Applique

Free Pattern by Crochet Design Patterns

This 3 layered flower applique is in the form of a YouTube video, so perfect for visual learners, or a purchasable file on Ravelry. It is recommended for advanced beginners.

Contrasting colours look great here, especially when it comes to the border and detailing in the middle.

14. Heart Flowers Applique

Free Pattern by Golden Lucy Crafts

Crochet flowers made of flowers?! What more could you want! This makes a fun little project for yourself or a cute gift for a special someone with Valentines Day coming up.

The flower is made up of 5-6 medium hearts and 2 for the petals, as seen above. Crochet these all in one colour or multiple, depending on how you are feeling.

15. Flower Power Crochet Motif

Free Pattern by The Crochet Fix

This is a super detailed pattern, filled with various tips, instructions on special stitches, images and more. How to turn your flower into a pen topper is also in the pattern which I think is a cute touch!

Advanced/adventurous beginners to intermediate crocheters may give this pattern a go!

16. Layered 5-Petal Flower

Free Pattern by One Dog Woof

Here we have another cute layered flower pattern! I really like the hollow middle style when it comes to these flower appliques.

The instructions are incredibly clear and your flower is worked up in only 5 rounds. If you are wanting to attach the flower to things, the designer recommends leaving a long tail, a handy tip for many crochet projects.

17. Flower

Free Pattern by Marinke Slump

A simple flat worked flower applique that only involves two colour changes, if you choose! There are photos at literally every step so beginners will have no problem following this pattern.

Again only a small amount of yarn is required so nothing is stopping you from giving little project a go!

18. 15-Minute Flower Applique

Free Pattern by Sweet Bee Crochet

A flower that can be crocheted so quick that its in the name! There are plenty of ways you can apply these to bring a cute spring/summer theme to your project!

There are photos for each round so you will know exactly how to work these adorable flowers up.

19. Flower Crochet Amelie

Free Pattern by UknitMe2

Why stop at just one flower when you can make enough to arrange them into a flower?! These ruffly flowers are available as a free Ravelry download. The pattern includes written instructions, a photo tutorial and crochet chart, so all bases are covered.