17 Practical Crochet Gift Ideas Your Friends Will Love!

Practical gifts are the best kind of gifts. They are gifts that can be out in the open instead of stashed away on a dusty shelf until remembered.

Doesn’t it give you a sense of joy whenever you see your friend using or wearing a gift years after you’ve given it to them? It has been and is still currently loved!

This roundup is a collection of both easy and intermediate patterns for anyone looking for ideas from wearables to decorations. From baskets to shrugs to lampshades to bracelets, this list is a great start for homemade gift patterns and ideas!

Mini Nest Baskets

These baskets are perfect for practicing the bean stitch and creating a homey yet modern gift for a friend. There are three different sizes of basket that nestle perfectly into each other. Layer your yarn with a plastic canvas to create a sturdy basket.

Lizzie (Slippers)

Slippers are great for protecting your friend from cold hardwood floors and for quick outdoor trips to get the mail. This pattern is written for slippers sizes 8-10 but can be altered for smaller or bigger sizes.

Quick and Easy Earrings

These earrings are great for practical last minute gifts! Possibilities are endless with color combinations, so have fun! Your friend will love them. This pattern does use thread, which is thinner than yarn, so if you use yarn then the earrings will be bigger.

Apple Watch Band

While this pattern is specifically tailored to Apple Watches, don’t let that limit you to just those! If your friend is in need of a watch band, this beautiful pattern is for you. It’s completely customizable with three different designs.

ZigZag Bracelet

Who doesn’t love friendship bracelets? These zigzaggy bracelets are not only adorable but also perfect for friend groups. It’s incredibly simple to whip up and a perfect last minute gift for the whole group, one other friend, or even just for yourself.

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Dragon Scale Fingerless Gloves

These gorgeous crocodile stitch gloves are perfect for anyone. The pattern is written for size medium, but by going by multiples of six, you can easily alter the size to create bigger or smaller gloves for that special someone. Go wild!

Mushroom Tote Bag

Inspired by this popular sunflower bag, this mushroom tote is great for any friend who loves earthy tones and cute little fungi. The mushrooms are sewn on after the creation of the squares, so you could tailor your own appliqué to your friend’s favorite things.

Mandala Top

This top is gorgeous and adds a special sort of flair to any outfit! Any amount of color changes work with this pattern. Written for sizes S – XL, you can also check out these free add-on patterns if you wish to add drop sleeves or extra length.

Waterfall Necklace

While this pattern doesn’t appear as “practical” as some of the others in this roundup, it still serves a purpose as a wonderful statement piece. Is there a piece of clothing your friend loves but doesn’t have anything to go with it? This pattern might be the one for them!

Elegance in Elements Cardigan

This beginner friendly shrug is perfect for practicing your wearables and creating a lovely gift for a friend! It is a rectangle with a repeated row that is sewn into a shrug. It is written for sizes S – 3XL and has both a chart and the written pattern.

My Blooming Lantern

Looking to spice up a light you might be getting your friend? This beautiful lanturn is perfect for that. It adds a sweet handmade touch to an otherwise drab gift (but if you’re getting them a light, then they probably need one quite badly!). You can turn it into a lampshade if you so desire.

Red Heart Kitty Couch

Does your friend need a bed for their cat or somewhere their collection of plushies can sit? This purrfect couch is great for all sorts of mini critters who might need a place to sit. Create the couch, pillows, and blanket in any color that matches your friend’s home.

Not Your Granny’s Skirt

This fresh take on a granny square skirt is great as a gift for a friend! If you’ve mastered the granny square, this skirt will be a breeze for you. It is written for sizes 25 – 41” and measured at the waist.

Easy Silk Scarf Headwrap

This intermediate silk headwrap pattern is versatile in both size and styling. If you are creating this scarf specifically for hair, it is recommended to use silk for the best possible experience. If you decide to create it just as a scarf, use any soft yarn that you’d like!

Plush & Posh Pillow & Blanket Set

A two-for-one pattern includes a matching pillow covering and throw blanket. Crochet a knit-like blanket and pillow for your friend to jazz up their bedroom, living room, or any other room! This uses a super bulky yarn and 15mm hook, so you will need to alter your pattern if you are using a smaller yarn and hook.

Spring Gingham Placemats

Is your friend in need of something to spruce up their new table? These gingham-style placemats are perfect for that and can be made in all kinds of colors.

Cat Paw Chair Socks

These adorable kitty chair socks are perfect for protecting the floor from scratches. It may not seem like your typical practical gift, but your friend will love them all the same. They’re so small, it’s almost like a little secret between you, your friend, and the chairs.