17 Practical and Easy Crochet Hook Case Patterns (free!)

One of the most important supplies you need for crocheting is a case or bag to hold all your hooks. Don’t worry if you don’t have one yet—you can actually crochet one! Whether you want a case with a simple design or something more decorative, you’ll find the perfect practical pattern in this round-up.

1. Jellyroll Crochet Hook Case

Free pattern by Crochetverse here!

This jellyroll case is super customizable: you can change up the number of pockets, as well as their size and color. The pattern calls for easy stitches, and it’s no-sew, so this is a great beginner pattern. You’ll just need to know how to block the project, and there are step-by-step instructions for how to do so.

2. Standing Pencil Case / Hook Case

Free pattern by Margo Swanson here!

This pattern is super easy to follow and only requires chaining, single crochets, and slip stitches. The button accessory keeps your hooks from spilling everywhere, and the pattern even includes a stitch marker/needle holder. This case is also the perfect size to hold pencils, which is convenient if you want to mark up a pattern or even design your own!

3. Star Hook Case

Free pattern by Alli Crafts here! (Photo by vintagenettles)

This hook case is absolutely gorgeous. It uses the star stitch, which is easy to learn, so this is a great project for beginners looking to expand their skillset. No matter how many hooks you own, this customizable roll can be expanded to fit them all.

4. ACCROchet Hook Case

This pattern is written in both English and French, so it’ll be accessible to lots of crocheters. It uses easy stitches, so it’s also good for beginners, and it’s super customizable because you can choose your favorite yarn colors for the base, border, and lace hook holder.

5. Hook Monster

Free pattern by Peneknitcrochet here!

This hook case is super fun thanks to its googly eyes. The size is adjustable, so it’ll fit all your hooks. There’s even a photo tutorial here and a tutorial for the colorful stripe here. Plus, you’ll only need easy stitches, so this is a perfect beginner project.

6. Crochet Hook Roll

Free pattern by CrochetWithClare here!

This hook roll is made with worsted-weight yarn and simple stitches, so it’s super easy. The sizing is adjustable, and there are both written instructions and a video tutorial, so it’s a good pattern for textual, visual, and auditory learners. Plus, it’s quite cute!

7. Crochet Hook Case

Free pattern by Rosaura Valdez here!

This pattern, which comes in both US and Australian crochet terms, is super fun because the case itself looks like a crochet hook. You’ll never forget where you put your hooks, that’s for sure! You’ll need only easy stitches plus knowledge of back-post single crochet and the ability to sew a lining, so this is a good pattern for beginners with a few projects under their belt.

8. Leentje’s Crochet Hook Case

Free pattern by Marleen Hartog here!

This super-cute pattern is available in both English and Dutch, and includes tons of helpful progress photos. I absolutely adore the flower decorations, and because you only need easy stitches for this project, it’s great for beginners. Plus it can hold all your notions, like scissors and needles, not just crochet hooks.

9. Ninja Hook Case

Free pattern by Justyna Kacprzak here! (Photo by ilovekitkats)

This ninja hook case is absolutely adorable! It’s the perfect project if you love amigurumi, because it uses a lot of the same techniques, like working in the round and using safety eyes. The pattern calls for DK-weight yarn and knowledge of basic stitches, so it’s good for beginners.

10. Beginner’s Crocheted Hook Case

Free pattern by NCC-1701 here!

This super-simple, very practical hook case will work up quickly and is a wonderful beginner project. It uses basic stitches, includes detailed instructions as well as magic ring and hdc2tog tutorials, and even has directions for how to change the size of the case so it’ll fit whatever hooks you prefer.

11. Shell’s Travel Hook Case

This gorgeous hook case is perfect for travel because it can store not just your hooks, but also your scissors and other tools and notions. The pattern uses easy stitches and has clear directions, but there are some more complex parts of the project, like pinning and creating the pockets, so this is a good project for intermediate beginners.

12. Suzette Crochet Hook Pouch

Free pattern by SweetBeeCrochet here!

This hook case has a stunning textured design thanks to the suzette stitch, and the designer has included clear instructions for this stitch and even a link to a more detailed tutorial. The pouch works up quickly and uses very little yarn, so this is a wonderful project for beginners looking to expand their knowledge of stitches.

13. Crochet Hook Holder

Free pattern by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts here!

This hook holder is super customizable, so it can hold whatever hooks and notions you want. Plus, you can choose whichever combination of colors matches your personality. The pattern includes instructions for the mattress stitch and running stitch, so it’s a good choice for beginners who feel ready to branch out.

14. Bobbly Hook or Needle Case

Free pattern by Maddalena here!

This case is both practical and fun, thanks to the closeable top and bobble stitch. Plus, it’s perfect whether you crochet or knit, because the pattern includes the hook case as well as two sizes for a knitting needle case. You’ll need to know basic stitches plus the bobble stitch, and there are both written and photo instructions for the latter.

15. Simple Notions Case

Free pattern by Jammy’s Modern Designs here!

This case really lives up to its name: you’ll need just one skein of worsted-weight yarn, and the easy stitches and repeating rows mean the case works up quickly. Plus, the tie adds a nice pop of style. This is definitely a great project for beginners!

16. The Case for Crochet Hooks

Free pattern by Kim Kotary for Yarnspirations here!

I’m in love with this cute, simple case. It looks especially stunning in multicolor Red Heart Super Saver yarn! Between the yarn color and button, there are a million ways to customize this case, and it also works up quickly and easily thanks to simple stitches.

17. Shell Stitch Crochet Hook Case

Free pattern by Crochet Spot here! (Photo by amylb78)

This hook case has an absolutely beautiful scalloped design that’s achieved by using the shell stitch. The stitch is pretty easy to learn, so definitely check out the pattern if you’re a beginner who wants to expand your crochet knowledge. You’ll need to be comfortable with color changes if you want to do alternating rows like the original designer, but you could also choose multicolored yarn for a fun effect, or solid yarn if you prefer a simpler look.