19+ Modern and Cute Crochet Drawstring Free Patterns (easy!)

Crochet drawing bags are practical and stylish accessories that can spice up your outfit! These bags can cover all sizes, from a small gift bag for a token of appreciation, to backpacks that can hold your daily essentials and water bottle. The drawstring closure is a cute addition that will ensure the safety of your belongings without needing to add any extra parts!

Due to its durability and ease of care, consider using cotton or cotton blends for your drawstring bag. Cotton yarns come in wide range of colors, so you have infinitely many combos you can choose to achieve the perfect modern and cute look!

In this post, I have compiled 17 modern and cute crochet drawstring bag patterns! There’s sure to be one that’s just perfect for you!

1. Boho Diamond Bag

Free pattern by Spotted Horse Design Co. available here!

Practical but pretty is how you can summarize this drawstring bag in a nutshell!

This pattern requires you to know how to change colors. Here’s a quick overview on how to do it if you need a refresher! Conveniently enough, the pattern also provides a set of pictures showing how to switch colors, as well a color graph to show you when to switch colors!

2. Star Stitch Drawstring Bag

Free pattern by Melanie Ham available here!

These drawstring bags share one common feature—the beautiful star stitch! They should take you around only 2 hours to make.

You can make this bag using different yarn weights, but this tutorial recommends a worsted weight which will hold its shape better than yarn of thinner weights.

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3. Velvet Jeweled Wristlet

Free pattern by The ‘Ohana Boutique available here!

Vintage trends have been coming back recently, so for a classy look you might want to consider crocheting this velvet jeweled drawstring bag!

Velvet yarns are not recommended for beginners as they make counting a challenge, but be sure to give it a try if you’re interested! They look and feel luxurious, and will surely get comments from your friends!

4. Summer Slice Drawstring Bag

Free pattern available at Clover USA here!

The author of this design was inspired by summer citrus colors, hence the bright and cheerful palette of this project! The tassels, along with braided cords and straps, really adds strong beachy vibes! Whip your hook and yarn out now to make sure you have this bag ready for the upcoming summer!

This bag uses spike stitches throughout the pattern which adds a touch of uniqueness to it! Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to crochet spike stitches.

5. Stash-Busting Drawstring Bag

Free pattern by Dora Does available here!

These bags are the perfect yarn stash buster! It starts by working on both sides of a chain, so the resulting bag will accommodate flat objects better than bags that start by working on a round. This also means that you get to skip doing a magic circle, if it’s not your thing!

6. Fruity Drawstring Pouch

Free pattern by Hay Hay Crochet available here!

Here we have a series of crocheted fruit drawstring pouches! They’re all very simple, entirely made of single crochets. The only variations within these three are their colors. They’re perfect to give out to a small circle of friends to ensure you have cute fruity matching pouches!

7. Pompom Drawstring Bag

Free pattern by KnitCro Addict available here!

This pompom drawstring bag is a beginner-friendly and quick project! You can wear this as a backpack, a clutch, or even a shoulder bag. The pattern calls for the use of medium weight yarn, but you can always upsize or downsize to suit your needs.

The pattern provides clear written instructions with images, a video tutorial for the main pattern, as well as an extra video tutorial on how to add a lining to the bag!

8. Carrot Favor Bag

Free pattern by Crochet Spot available here!

This carrot bag is perfect for holding little goodies and treats to give out to kids during Easter!

This drawstring bag is a no-sew, one piece project! It consists mainly of single crochets, and a series of single crochets and chains to create the mesh pattern for the drawstring, and the tops of the bright leaves are created using shells.

9. Strawberry Favor Bag

Free pattern by Crochet Spot available here!

This strawberry favor bag is very similar to the above carrot favor bag, but with a more interesting stitch pattern for its leaves! Additionally, yellow seeds are embroidered to add detail on the main body of the project.

You can have fun and put all sorts of fruity candies in this cute strawberry drawstring bag! For the strings, you can choose to leave the yarn as is, or chain them to provide a sturdier look.

10. Orange and Blossoms Favor Bag

Free pattern by Crochet Spot available here!

The orange and blossoms favor bag is made through similar methods as the previous two patterns. It incorporates filet crochet for its leaves so that the leaves appear to be separate. The instructions are straightforward and simple, but here’s a video for you if you’d like a more thorough tutorial!

The addition of the white blossom adds a dainty and feminine touch to the orange! You could also go without or choose to add a fresh green leaf instead!

11. Grape Cluster Bag

Free pattern by Crochet Spot available here!

This grape favor bag is the last of the collection of fruity drawstring bag patterns available for you! It is also harder than all the others, as the main body consists entirely of bobble stitches which can be a pain for those unfamiliar with them.

But don’t you worry! Here’s a video tutorial on how to do bobbles, and once you’ve gotten the hang of it, I guarantee it’s as easy as pie! By the end of it, you’ll be in love with how bobble stitches give such a fun and exciting texture!

Though be warned that bobble stitches are yarn eaters, so you’d need quite a bit more yarn than if you were only doing single crochets throughout.

The leaves are also of a unique texture, constructed similarly with the orange and blossoms favor bag.

12. Santa Sack

Free pattern by Crochet Spot available here!

This adorable Santa sack is just perfect for a cheeky Christmas gift or as a playful Christmas tree ornament! Upsizing the yarn and hook will result in a big Santa sack you can carry around, bearing gifts! Kids are guaranteed to love it!

13. Summer Drawstring Bag

Free pattern by Handy Little Me available here!

This summer drawstring bag looks so classy and elegant I guarantee people will do a double-take when you tell them it’s handmade! This project makes use of an interesting yarn that crocheters don’t normally use—the raffia yarn! If you’re up for trying out new fibers, this is the time! If not, you can always substitute it with one of the alternatives the blog author mentioned in the pattern post.

At a glance, raffia looks like straw, and you might expect it to be stiff and inflexible like … paper, which is what raffia is made out of. And while it’s true that raffia doesn’t bend and give way as easily as cotton or acrylic yarn, it is still very easy to manipulate. The upside of raffia yarn is that it makes for very sturdy yet light projects, which you will appreciate in a drawstring bag!

This pattern also adds a unique touch with tassels, which you need to buy separately. But if you prefer to make a DIY tassel on your own, you can refer to this video for some ideas!

14. Simple Drawstring Bag

Free pattern available by Yarn + Chai here!

Here is a medium-sized drawstring bag for all of you who are getting tired of the itty bitty pouches and bags in this post so far!

This entire bag is made from a single color—no color changes necessary, yay! Then, you ask, what are those stripes I see? … Surface stitches! They are performed by slip stitching across the surface of an existing crochet. Here’s a super short video tutorial on it! The straps are made by braiding macrame cords.

A unique subtle feature you might have noticed is this bag is not made of the usual single crochets, but crossed single crochets! They are created by yarning under where you would yarn over in the usual single crochets, and they give an appearance of x’s instead of v’s. The resulting fabric is generally stiffer than normal single crochets. Go watch this video if you’re still unsure of the differences!

15. Reversible Drawstring Bag

Free pattern by Life + Yarn available here!

This reversible drawstring bag is pure awesomeness! Being reversible, this drawstring bag has twice the chances of matching with your outfit of the day than a plain old monochrome drawstring bag.

The secret behind this reversible drawstring bag is to not stop crocheting when you reach the usual bag shape, but to instead continue but reverse the process. The resulting shape is a giant pill-like crochet, which you can then inverse into a normal bag.

What’s great about this technique is that you aren’t limited to a plain design! You can change colors and incorporate stripes, or use other stitches—you have a lot of freedom here!

16. Seaside Handbag

Free pattern by My Accessory Box available here!

This seaside handbag is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe! Wouldn’t you agree that it would look right at home in a beach? The palette and stitch design gives off a carefree but elegant feel.

This fabulous drawstring bag was created using cake yarn, so there’s no need to go through the hassle of changing colors every couple of rows!

17. Polkadot Shoulder Drawstring Bag

Free pattern by My Accessory Box available here!

Popcorn stitch lovers, here’s your time to shine! This polkadot shoulder bag adds just the right amount of pop of color needed to spice up your wardrobe staples!

For those of you who need a refresher on popcorn stitches, you can take a quick look at this thorough video tutorial!

18. Granny Sunflower Drawstring Bag

Free pattern by Caitlin Simmonds available at Ravelry!

The granny square is such a classic in crochet circles that you can’t escape it no matter what project you’re trying to make! And for a good reason, too—it’s simple to master, it builds up a lot faster than single crochets, and the resulting texture is appealing.

But this time, we have a slight twist! Instead of the usual granny square pattern, we have a variation: the sunburst granny square. This variation starts out normally for the first round, but then uses the puff stitch in the second, and cluster stitch in the third. The result is the beautiful flower you see above!

If you’re new to crochet, getting the tension right for puff and cluster stitches can be hard and you might end up with some overly loose stitches. Be mindful of your tension!

19. Pokeball Bag

Free pattern by Ami Amour available here!

Pokemon fans unite! This adorable Pokeball bag was originally created as a GoPro cozy, but its functions are not limited to just that! You can use it to store your Pokemon cards, a Pokemon Go auto-catcher, your little Pokemon figurines, or other Pokemon amigurumi … the possibilites are endless!

Created by entirely single crochets, this pattern is completely accessible for even total beginners! What a way to combine your hobbies together!

20. Solid Scallop Drawstring Bag

Free pattern by Little Light Design Co. available here!

The solid scallop stitch in this bag adds a touch of elegance and classiness. The pattern includes a link to a video for the solid scallop stitch for those unfamiliar with it. I really love how the light refracts on these stitches!

Depending on the yarn and hook size you use, this pattern could yield a small classy pouch or a bigger bag!