17 Effortless Crochet Flower Headband Free Patterns

Here we have a variety of beautiful crochet flower headband patterns for you to enjoy. They all involve different techniques, stitches and flowers, so you might like to make a few to accessorise with your different outfits!

You may like to use whatever yarn you like, although cotton might be the most durable for wearing in wet weather or for when you need to wash them from time to time. Some of the headbands rely on an elastic band or a loose tension to make them stretchy. Others have ties to keep the headbands secure on your head.

Most of these headbands can be altered in size, as you might like to make adult sized or child/baby sized ones. They are all bound to look adorable, enjoy making your very own headbands!

1. Mollie Flowers Headband

Free Pattern by Yoriko T

First up we have this beautiful headband available in English and Japanese. The elastic hair tie allows the headband to fit snuggly on your head. You might already have some floating around the house, otherwise they are sold at most stores!

The puffy stitches involved with the flowers can be tricky, so this pattern may be best suited for advanced beginners.

2. Boho Flower Headband

Free Pattern by Make & Do Crew

Next we have this easy headband that may be made in four sizes- from baby, toddler, child to adult! The designer wanted the headband to be casual enough for everyday wear, but also be fancy enough to wear for special occasions, and I think they achieved that!

3. Emilie Rose Headband

Free Pattern by Hverdagsmagi

Here we have a simple yet delicate flower headband. The middle of the flower incorporates some beads which you might like to include too, although you do not have to! You likely only need two colors for this project, or you could crochet yours in all one or even multi-colored.

4. 3 Flowers Headband

Free Pattern by I’adrina crochet

These flower headbands are nice and simple, so would make a great project for beginners. The band is mostly made up of chain strands that are tied at the back of your head to secure.

The buttons in the middle of the flowers also make a lovely touch, and everyone usually has some spare buttons lying around at home so hopefully you can find some pretty ones!

5. April Flowers Headband/Hair Accessory

Free Pattern by Kirsten Holloway Designs

I love how this headband includes some lovely detailed ribbon! For this project you would just need to crochet a few flowers and leaves which will then be secured onto the ribbon.

You can easily experiment in creating different styled headbands by using different colored yarn and ribbons, so have fun with it!

6. Boho Flower Headband

Free Pattern by Selina Veronique

Next we have the boho flower headband which is made up of several granny squares. The pattern is available as a written tutorial or video, so those that learn best through either writing or visuals can crochet this project with ease.

7. Midsummer Floral Headband

Free Pattern by Hverdagsmagi

The details on this headband are just stunning, with the flowers on the chain and leaves falling back in your hair. The pattern has lots of written instructions and images, so you will have heaps of support in crocheting your own midsummer flower headband.

As the designer used, cotton yarn works wear for creating a lovely lightweight and durable finished headband.

8. Lacy Flower Crown

Free Pattern by Sweet Softies

This lacy flower crown works up super quickly and easily that even beginners could follow! You will want to crochet your base headband and then crochet and assemble or your flower embellishments.

A full video tutorial is also ready for you to view if you prefer to follow the pattern that way.

9. Folklore Flower Crown

Free Pattern by Knit Collage

The folklore flower crown shows that you can also decorate your hats with crochet to make them look even better! Soon enough all your hats will be decorated with your beautiful crochet creations.

There are a few extra supplies needed for this project such as flower wire, a needle felting mat and needle felting tool- although this could eb a great gateway project for picking up a new hobby!

10. Flower Crown

Free Pattern by Crocket Crochet

This flower headband is littered with different types of flowers and color, you are sure to get heaps of compliments if you make your own!

As the designer used theirs for, this would make a great accessory for a fairy costume or could just be worn for everyday outings.

11. Flower Power Headbands

Free Pattern by Top Crochet Patterns

Next we have these lovely flower headband that basically wraps around and sits on your head like a crown. The designer even suggests that you could crochet more of less flowers to turn yours into something else, like a necklace, bracelet or anklet.

You might even like to make yours super long so that it can be hung up on your bed or wall as a garland!

12. Flower Headband

Free Pattern by Crochet ‘n’ Create

The band on these ones are made of an interesting stitch that is super to stand out and get lots of compliments! For this one you only need to focus on crocheting the band as the base and one flower, so it will make a nice quick project, say if you need something like minute to add to an outfit!

13. Flower Headband

Free Pattern by Traverse Bay Crochet

This headband incorporates a thick band to keep your hair back nice and securely! You will learn an interesting new stitch combination for this pattern.

You might like to grab your stash of beads/buttons to add some detailing to the middle of your flowers to make them look like the headbands above.

14. Flower Headband

Free Pattern by jenny & teddy

This pattern is super easy to follow, and there is not much involved! I have linked to the pattern where you assemble the headband through some chains, although the designer includes a link to the original pattern for the flowers you will need within the post.

All you have to do is crochet your three flowers and you are basically done! You might like to crochet more or less depending how floral you want your headband to be.

15. Flower Headband

Free Pattern by Nightmoon Studio Crochet

These headbands are just stunning! The finished product does not so much include flower appliques attaches to the band, but flowers are vaguely captured within the stitches.

This project is likely better suited for advanced beginners or intermediate level due to the intricate stitches, although it is sure to be worth it once your flower headband is done!

16. Garden Baby Headbands

Free Pattern by Lori Zeller

Next we have these lovely dainty headbands with either flower or butterfly details on the front. The pattern is very much abbreviated and without pictures, so those confident in reading them should try this pattern, or it might make good practice for beginners.

The designer suggests crocheting yours to 13-15 inches circumference for a baby, although you could make yours to whatever size suits you or the wearer!

17. Club Snappy Band

Free Pattern by snappy tots

Finally we have the club snappy headband! The pattern is very easy to follow and has lots of suggestions for sizing for different ages. The designer also suggests crocheting your headband about 1 inch smaller that head circumference to account for stretching, which is a good tip.

You will also have the opportunity to learn the cluster stitch if you have not already. I hope you enjoy making this pattern and all the others I have included here. You will have a great collection of flower headbands before long!