15+ Intricate Free Crochet Bag Patterns for Beginners

Bags and backpacks may seem like huge, intimidating projects that only seasoned crocheters are able to do. That’s just a myth. While it is true some backpacks may appear complex and are way beyond a beginner’s skill level, that is not the case for every pattern.

This is a bag pattern list for beginners who want to try their hand at their own “complicated” bag. These may seem daunting at first, but once you find a pattern that works for you, you’ll find that these patterns are surprisingly easy and will make you feel proud when it’s completed.

Not only will it look great, but it will be useful as well!

Strawberry & Mushroom Frog Backpacks

Free pattern by Crafty Kitty Crochet here!

These adorable, cottagecore backpacks involve some color changing that may seem daunting, but the pattern includes pictures and explanations of how to create the seamless checkerboard design.

If you happen to have some buttons or pins laying around, you could attach them to add a bit of extra cuteness to these darling backpacks.

The Out & About Backpack

Free pattern by Kate Eastwood here!

This delicate yet sturdy backpack is perfect for teens and adults alike. It includes pictures and handy tips on how to make this backpack perfect.

It may be labeled as an intermediate pattern, but it works up with simple stitches for the base of the bag with straightforward explanations on how to do the scallop bordering.

Fading Stripes Bag

Free pattern by Yarn + Chai here!

This beautiful drawstring bag is surprisingly simple to make. It works up effortlessly and only involves some simple color changing to give it an ombré effect.

Wildrose Backpack

Free pattern by All About Ami here!

This drawstring bag is a perfect everyday or traveling bag. It may seem elaborate and complicated due to its gorgeous granny square design, but not only does the pattern include a video showing how to create the wildrose granny square, but there is also a blog post with helpful pictures.

Mudcloth Bag

Free Pattern by Yarn + Chai here!

This charming drawstring bag may seem complicated with its intricate designs, but have no fear! It works up with simple stitches and all details are embroidered once the bag is completed.

There is a nifty graph as well as written tips on how to embroider the details. Pictures are included to help with the shaping of the bag.

Zig Zag Bag

Free pattern by Yarn + Chai here!

Just like the Mudcloth Bag above, this marvelous drawstring bag appears complex at first glance. The pattern is well written and easy to follow, with color changes that are easy to get the hang of.

The embroidery details are simple with useful tips added to help out with creating the zigzag design.

Surprise Backpack

Free pattern by Amy B Stitched here!

This simple and friendly backpack sports variegated yarn to give it a more complex appearance. Seeing how variegated yarn works up in a project is always exciting, especially if you’re not sure how it may turn out.

Even if a solid contrasting color is used instead without a variegated yarn, or if one color is preferred for the whole bag, this pattern is easily followed and works up well.

Daisy Drawstring Bag

Free pattern by Yarnspirations here!

This adorable drawstring bag is made up of eight simple granny squares. It works up quickly and includes measurements for a fabric lining if desired.

Meadow Button-Front Backpack

Free pattern by Patchworked Crochet here!

This pleasant and minimalistic backpack works up within a few hours and is perfect as an everyday bag. With its minimalist design, embroidery or crochet motifs can be added into it if you’re wanting it to have a bit of a personal touch to it. It is conveniently easy to size up to create a bigger or taller backpack if needed.

Drawstring Backpack

Free pattern by Lion Brand Yarn here!

Not only is this pattern free, but it also includes a kit if you’re drawn to the original colors of the backpack and are not wanting to shop around for different colors of yarn.

The Betty Backpack

Free pattern by Evelyn and Peter Crochet here!

This intricate bag may appear confusing and complicated, but it uses simple stitching to give it that beautiful design. Not only does it come with a free video tutorial, but it has the option to buy the kit and the ad-free PDFs as well!

Suzette Bag

Free pattern by Make & Do Crew here!

Commonly known as the suzette stitch, this lovely design is made up of a combination of simple stitches to give a project that gorgeous look. Along with written instructions on how to do the stitch, they kindly created a YouTube tutorial if you’re a visual learner.

Patch Backpack

Free pattern by Yarnspirations here!

This simple backpack is perfect for adding your own personal touch to it. It has two pockets: one large and one small. You can add embroidery, patches, motifs, or change the front pocket’s design to add a splash of color. The ideas are endless!

Lacy Market Bag

Free pattern by Yarnspirations here!

Need an all-around bag, whether it’s just for shopping or for traveling? Maybe both at the same time? This roomy bag is easy to make and handy to have when you’re in need of a large, sturdy bag for any sort of reason.

Bunny Backpack

Free pattern by Maggie Harrison here!

This sweet bunny-inspired backpack is perfect for those rabbit lovers. It includes two giant ears and one cute pompom tail. Since it uses chunky yarn, it works up promptly.

If you decide to use a smaller yarn, please note you will need to adjust the size of the pattern in order to keep it sized for a human.

Back to School Drawstring Back

Free pattern by Megan Gebhard here!

This drawstring bag is great for school or holiday. It has two sizes: medium and large. Instead of working in a round like many drawstring bags, this pattern works up in rows and is folded in half to create the bag.