15 Fantastic Crochet Cactus Patterns (easy!)

What comes to mind when you hear the word cactus? Cute, small and prickly are some of the words you could use to describe them.

Luckily the following list consists of crochet cactus patterns so none of them should hurt you. 

Most cacti are quite small so you can make a few pieces in one sitting. You can use any scrap yarn you may have lying around and let your creativity run wild with color combinations and how you arrange them. 

Some of these projects are blankets, pillows or keychains so you don’t need to add anything to decorate your house with them.

If you don’t want to crochet pots and ‘soil’ for the others you can use real pots instead.

If you like the way spikes look on the real plants, you can use some of these amigurumi as pin cushions to help you with other projects. 

1. Smiling Potted Cactus 

Pattern by Happy Gurumi here!

The pattern includes a pot and a flower which gives it a cute look.

It’s also a perfect base if you’d like to customize your cacti by sewing different facial expressions or clothing onto them. You can make her a cactus friend like in this pattern, here.

You can watch the tutorial on Youtube, here

2. Heart Cactus

Find the pattern here!

The shape of the cactus adds an interesting twist but this pattern is beginner friendly too.

The pattern on the pot can be used for many other projects as well and you can create new designs for every new cactus you crochet.

3. Carl the Cactus

Pattern by YarnBlossomBoutique on Etsy, here!

This next pattern ads a hat to the design. I really like the colored accent on the brim and the mustache looks really cute. It reminds me of the time everyone was obsessed with moustaches. 

4. Desert Cactus

Get the pattern by Joyce Overheul, here!

Adding ‘arms’ to your cactus makes it look more interesting and it gives you another option to create your own interesting design.

This pattern adds variation with the little rock and grass patch. If you are tired of all the green yarn, you can add some color by sewing some sections with yellow thread. 

5. Blooming Cactus 

Get the pattern on Etsy, here!

It might seem intimidating at first but this design is beginner friendly as well.

You can have a lot of fun finding new ways to place the different sections and flowers on the cactus.

You can create a whole collection of different cacti in your home or make personalized gifts for your loved ones. 

6. Overflowing Cactus Arrangement 

Pattern by FROGandTOAD, here!

One of my favorite patterns off this list, because it is simple yet interesting.

I like how there are different sizes and not all of them are blooming because it makes them a little more realistic.

The way they are hanging past the edge of the pot adds some change from the rest of your collection. 

7. Striped Cactus 

Get the pattern on Etsy, here!

Similar design to the pervious one but instead of adding flowers, creating horizontal lines on the length of each plant. If you really like flowers you can add them to this project as well. 

8. Cactus Arrangement 

Pattern by DreamWeirdOnline, here!

After trying out so many beautiful cactus amigurumi you might want to make an arrangement out of them.

This pattern gives you an idea of where to get started but you can add your favorite ones off of this list as well. If you’d like a more colorful collection, try this pattern. 

9. Grumble, the Cactus 

Pattern available, here!

This is the perfect mix between decoration and kids toy. Your children can have fun playing with Grumble and when they are done you can place him in a pot or a custom made home.

This way there will be less clutter in their room and you don’t need to buy any extra storage for toys. The pattern is available in English and German. 

10. Lalylala Carl,  the Cactus 

Get the pattern on Ravelry, here!

Another adorable toy idea. I especially like the red flower on top of Carl’s hat.

The drum is removable which makes it really easy to add other accessories as well. This way Carl can be anything your kids want him to be.  

11. Cactus Buddy 

Free pattern available, here!

A very simple amigurumi cactus. If you know anyone absolutely in love with cacti (or maybe that person is you) you can gift this to them as a decorative pillow.

It is a great accessory to your home. It adds a pop of color and its cute smile will definitely cheer you up on a gloomy day. 

12. Llama and Cactus Afghan 

Pattern by Maria’s Blue Crayon, here!

Besides pillows, afghans are another great decoration for your home.

Not only that, but they can keep you warm if you get cold. It’s the perfect winter project for those living in a colder climate.

If you aren’t so fond of llamas you can change the color and make horses instead or replace them with flowers and cacti only. 

The whole project consists of granny squares. This way you can make it the exact size you’d like by increasing or decreasing the amount you make. 

You can find some other cactus granny square ideas here and here

13. Cactus Appliques 

Find the pattern on Janet’s blog, here!

These cactus appliques from Janet are quite versatile. You can use them as they are and make pins for your clothing or backpack but you can also add them to other projects.

As she mentions on her blog, you can sew them onto towels, blankets, make them into garlands, anything! 

Another idea for small cactus accessories here.

14. Cacti Keychains 

Watch the tutorial on Youtube!

I really like this tutorial because it is not only something you attach to your keys, but you can put the keys inside the cactus as well.

This is very useful if you’re ever in a situation where you need to make as little noise as possible but you need to take your keys with you. 

Here’s another keychain idea, this pattern is available in English and Dutch. 

15. Cactus Sweater 

Pattern by Cocoabe Designs, here!

This is a really adorable sweater you can make for your children, niece or if you’re going to a baby shower.

Because of its size, you can use up any spare yarn you have. It uses crocheting in the round so sewing is minimal.