15 Delicious Food Crochet Appliqué Free Patterns

Crochet appliques are super easy and fun to make! In today’s post, I’ll be showing you crochet applique patterns for our most important basic need—food!

Their small sizes make them very versatile—you can sew them on your other projects such as bags, blankets, or clothes, or you can string them into a lovely cheerful garland, or stick a pin in the back and turn an applique into a brooch!

The patterns I’ve compiled today should take you around 10-20 minutes to finish. Appliques take very little yarn to make, so it’s time to grab your scrap yarn and get ready to make some!

1. Cute Strawberry Applique

Pattern by Raffamusa Designs here!

The strawberry is such a classic motif!

This pattern starts out with crocheting a heart, before adding the leaves on top to turn the heart into a strawberry.

There is also a size chart for reference, so you can choose whether to make a smaller or a bigger applique.

2. Delicious Pear Applique

Pattern by Raffamusa Designs here!

These delicious pears can be used to embellish potholders, jam jars or other kitchen items!

You can choose to crochet whole pears (solid color) or half pears, in which case you’ll be crocheting with a neutral color for the first two rounds before switching to green or yellow yarn for the final round.

3. Lemon Garland

Free pattern by My Creative Blog here!

When life gives you lemons, you string them up into a garland!

These fresh lemons are sure to bring some zest into your decor!

Instead of having them all in yellow, you could also switch them up with some orange slices or green limes for a real citrus party!

For the white parts of the lemon slice, the pattern does require you to do a double treble crochet into the front loop.

If you’ve never done this before, it can be a bit tricky to get the tension just right, but you’ll get the hang of it after a few stitches! Just make sure it falls evenly against the background.

4. Lovely Cherry Applique

Free pattern by Paint It Colorful here!

Like the strawberry, the cherry is another classic design. You can attach these to a hat or a hairclip!

These appliques are super quick to finish, with the cherries themselves only taking 2 rounds each to crochet.

This pattern is no-sew, as you can attach the cherries to the stems just by slip stitching!

5. Easy Carrot Applique

Free pattern by Raffamusa Designs here!

The fruits have been getting all the love, so here’s a carrot applique to try!

This applique is done with just a single row! I like how the leaves are just pieces of yarn knotted together.

6. Creative Donut Applique

Free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me here!

These donuts just look so festive and creative! There are endless possibilities for customizing the frosting and sprinkles!

The frosting is sewed onto the donut base. The donut is created by forming a ring with a chain, which is great for those of you who hate working with magic rings!

7. Half-Peeled Banana Applique

Pattern by damn it Janet, let’s crochet here!

These half-peeled bananas would look super cute as a brooch to pin on a shirt!

And since they’re so small, they’re fast to finish! You can choose to add amigurumi eyes or embroider them to make these bananas even cuter!

8. Cottagecore Mushroom Applique

Free pattern by Golden Lucy Crafts here!

This collection of mushrooms is the perfect project for cottagecore and fall lovers!

If you look at them closely, the caps are actually just inverted hearts! I think using buttons for the mushroom spots is a cool idea!

The pattern includes a set of instructions for larger and smaller stems and caps.

9. Colorful Ice Cream Applique

Free pattern by Raffamusa Designs here!

Here’s a fun colorful ice cream applique for some summer vibes! You can try out as many color combos as you like!

The pattern provides photos for almost every step, so you won’t get confused on where to start crocheting the ice cream balls!

10. Cute Apple Applique

Free pattern by Raffamusa Designs here!

Here are some delicious juicy apple appliques for you! They’re perfect for spicing up another crochet project, for example a pencil case or a bag!

I love how fun and colorful these apples are!

11. Heart Pizza Applique

Free pattern by Golden Lucy Crafts here!

What, if anything, could be more romantic than a pizza?

A pizza heart!

Sew this on a shirt or a bag and this delicious pepperoni pizza will brand you as a pizza lover!

Or maybe, as the pattern designer suggests, you can attach it to the front of a card with “You stole a pizza my heart” written on it to give to your Valentine’s!

12. Peanut Butter and Jelly Toast Applique

Free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me here!

These cute pieces of toast have so many possible variations!

Besides the peanut butter and jelly toast and the buttered toast displayed in the picture, you can also substitute the jam with red yarn for strawberry or raspberry jam and orange yarn for marmalade!

13. Sunny Side Up Egg Applique

Free pattern by In the Loop Crafts here!

This sunny side up applique can be crocheted with a raised yolk as seen in the picture, or with a flat yolk by skipping the third round!

You can choose to add a face by sticking some amigurumi eyes and embroidering a mouth to add some cuteness to this breakfast food!

14. Adorable Avocado Applique

Free pattern by damn it Janet, let’s crochet here!

These adorable avocuddle avocadoes might be the quick gift you’re looking for for Valentine’s! You could slip a pin on the back and rock out matching pins with your partner!

Alternatively, you can glue them to the front of a homemade card for your loved one!

This pattern requires felt for the eyes and heart, but if you don’t have any, you could always use embroidery floss instead.

15. Half Watermelon Applique

Free pattern by Maria’s Blue Crayon here!

This fresh juicy watermelon is super quick to finish! The pattern is worked in the round, then is folded in half and sewed together.

There is also a video tutorial you can follow along with if you prefer them over written patterns.