15 Creative Crochet Cat Hat Patterns for Felines (cute!)

Every person owned by a cat knows that their little feline overlord runs their house. That object on the counter is just begging to be knocked off onto the ground by little paws; those pieces of string ready to play with.

Their little overlords need to look the part when dressed up. Who doesn’t find a cat looking beyond livid while in an outfit just absolutely adorable?

When it comes down to it, some cats struggle when putting on their little outfits. Some cats take one step and flop over as if they are wearing an extra hundred pounds on their backs.

These crochet hats are the perfect project for these little kings and queens that won’t make them feel too entirely disrespected.

They’re easy to whip up and great stash busters, most using less than half a skein. Almost all of these patterns work up within thirty minutes to an hour.

For their safety, please supervise your cats when they are wearing clothing items on their head, neck, or body. Their claws could become entangled with the item if left unsupervised.

1. Cat Flower Crown

Pattern by PawsomeCrochet here!

This adorable flower crown is a 2-in-1 deal; it can be worn as a crown or slipped down to be a cute little flower collar.

The simple band is easily adjustable to fit your cat’s head size. The pattern includes diagrams and videos to help with construction of the flowers.

2. Pirate Hat for Cats

Pattern by PawsomeCrochet here!

Your sea captain missing a hat? Look no further! This pattern is perfect for that little pirate.

The skull and crossbones are created using felt and attached with glue, but you could easily embroider your own skull on it if you’re feeling fancy!

3. Cowboy Hat for Cats

Pattern by PawsomeCrochet here!

Yeehaw! This little cowboy hat is perfect for cats as well as small dogs.

In order to keep it sturdy, it uses chunky yarn, or two strands of DK weight yarn together. New beginners may find this challenging.

4. Watermelon Furbaby Hat

Pattern by RoxanneDearArtworks here!

This charming little fruit hat works up in under thirty minutes and includes chin straps for securing. The colors are easily changeable if you desire a strawberry or a piece of a cantaloupe instead.

5. Magical Wizard Hat

Pattern by CrochetCartelCo here

Lost your wizard hat for your partner’s costume? This magical wizard hat is an easy-to-follow pattern that is a perfect last-minute Halloween costume.

6. Cat Dinosaur Hat

Pattern by CozyThingsPatterns here!

This is such a darling and creative hat design! The little spikes and tail add such character to it. 

This is a great hat for beginners who want to practice all the basic stitches: single, half double, double, and treble crochet.

7. Christmas Tree Hat

Pattern by CozyThingsPatterns here!

Your cat joining your Christmas family photos? They might need this little hat to join the festive fun! It is a simple, easy pattern that works up quickly.

Fun decorations can be added to this simple hat to make it sparkle with joy (while ignoring the evil eye the cat will be giving the camera).

8. Cat Santa Hat

Pattern by StarrDuskDesigns here!

This little Santa hat’s length has both long and short opinions. It includes instructions on how to make the pompom as well as three different head sizes.

9. Narby Pom Pom Cat Hat

Pattern by Catventurous Crochet here!

This is an endearing, simple pattern that is beginner friendly. Not only does this pattern have an ad-free PDF available, it also includes a free YouTube tutorial to follow along with.

The pompom is optional. If you don’t have a pompom maker, you can still make one with cardboard, toilet paper rolls, or simply using your fingers.

10. Figaro Frog Cat Hat

Pattern by Catventurous Crochet here!

Created by the same designer as the Pom Pom Cat Hat above, this one also sports an ad-free PDF and a companion YouTube tutorial. It is great for beginners.

11. Hennin Cat Hat

Free pattern by Anna Mae Lee here!

This cat hat is styled specifically for hairless cats on cold days, but it could easily be worn by furred cats as well. Not only is it free, but there are detailed pictures for construction as well as additional sizing information included in the pattern.

12. Cat Crown

Free pattern by TheCrochetyKnitter here!

This simple and quick free pattern consists of only five rows of half double crochet and double crochet. A quick explanation for a picot stitch is included in the pattern for those who are unfamiliar with it.

13. Top Hat for Cats

Pattern by PawsomeCrochet here!

This dapper hat has a clear and easy pattern that works up quickly.

14. Cat Hat with Ear Holes

Pattern by AbbysAccessoriesCT here!

This adorable sun hat’s colors can be changed to whichever you prefer, plus it includes a little bow decoration.

15. Bucket Hat

Free pattern by Rachel and Amelia here!

This super quick pattern has pictures added to help you with each step of the way. It’s perfect for cats and small dogs.