13+ Incredibly Soft Feels Like Butta Free Crochet Patterns

There is no better feeling than getting home and changing into your softest clothes or sitting down and watching Netflix tucked under your favorite blanket.

That is the reason why many people love velvet yarn. However, it can be tricky to work with, especially as a beginner. That is why Lion Brand’s Feels Like Butta yarn collection is a great choice for new crocheters.

It offers the same soft and comforting feeling as velvet yarn does but without the hassle. It is a perfect fit for baby blankets and clothes, toys, and loungewear. This yarn is great for home decor projects as well.

There is a big range of colors to choose from which makes it even easier to crochet your next favorite piece. Mixing and matching yarn colors is one of the most fun parts of crochet. If you like to create colorful items, this collection will become a huge favorite of yours.

1. Nouveau Log Cabin Afghan

Find the pattern here.

This is a beautiful pattern to try if you’ve been looking for a throw to use as decoration in your bedroom or living room.

The pattern is a great fit for rooms with simple and minimalist styles.

It is great to take on road trips, camping, or weekend trips.

2. Sunset Chevron Blanket

Find the pattern here.

This pattern is perfect for you if you like colorful designs.

You can choose colors similar to the sunset to recreate that feeling with your new blanket.

Choose more colors and make a rainbow blanket with the same pattern.

This is an easy blanket to crochet with endless possibilities for color schemes.

3. Calle Baby Afghan

Find the pattern here.

This afghan is a perfect choice for the warmer months.

It has a beautiful mesh pattern matched with double-colored stripes.

You can opt for a single color if you don’t want this blanket to be the center of attention.

However, if you feel like your room lacks personality, you can choose all your favorite colors to add a unique twist to the original pattern.

4. Star Bright Blankie

Find the pattern here.

The pattern is easy to follow but the unusual shape of the blanket makes for an exciting experience.

It is a fun addition to your nursery room and it will create beautiful memories for your kids.

If you’d like to make matching pillows, you can make two small versions of the blanket and sew them together.

5. Broomfield Hooded Baby Blanket

Find the pattern here.

The hood on this blanket is not only cute but cozy as well.

It is a great blanket to wrap your baby in after bath time.

The delicate pattern of the blanket will surely create a warm and caring ritual for you and your little one.

6. Arctic Cub Baby Mat

Find the pattern here.

This is the cutest addition to your baby’s room.

You can move it around the house with yourself to make a comfortable space for your baby, wherever you go.

It is an adorable mat to place in their bed or you can use it as a rug for them to play on top of.

7. Janis Pillow

Find the pattern here.

It is a good idea to have multiple types of pillow covers.

When you get bored of one style, you can switch the covers to feel refreshed.

It is a great way to bring novelty into your day-to-day life without spending money.

8. Rainbow Mobile

Find the pattern here.

This piece is available in an outer space version too, here.

It is a cute and fun decoration to place above your baby’s playpen.

You can make the process of making this decoration a fun game for you and your kids, where they choose the colors as you go.

9. Laptop Sleeve

Find the pattern here.

Laptop bags don’t always look pretty, which is why you may opt for a laptop sleeve instead.

You can slide your laptop into the sleeve and place it in your everyday bag without worry that it’ll break.

You can make many different appliques to attach to the sleeve to motivate you while you work.

10. Crochet Collar

Find the pattern here.

If you’ve been feeling like you need to level up your style, try this crochet collar!

It is a good item to experiment with because you can finish it in very little time and it won’t cost a lot.

11. Porter Romper

Find the pattern here.

This is a beautiful gift for friends and family who’ve recently had a baby.

Because of how fast children grow at that age, buying clothes can get really expensive. They will appreciate the help.

12. Cottontail Pullover

Find the pattern here.

This sweater is the most adorable addition to your baby’s wardrobe.

Everyone likes bunnies and the little tail detail will make your kids love this top.

13. Mackenzie Cardi

Find the pattern here.

Cardigans are very useful to dress children with in colder weather.

It doesn’t restrict their movement so they will be happy to wear it while playing.

14. Bingsoo, the Chubby Penguin

Find the pattern here.

There aren’t better projects than amigurumi for soft yarns like the Feels Like Butta collection. You can crochet a bow for Bingsoo or different accessories like hats.

You could make many different things for them to wear so kids can dress them up however they want.

15. Little Bo Sheep Amigurumi

Find the pattern here.

This is the cutest plushie to gift to loved ones. It is not only very cuddly and soft, but an adorable decoration too.

16. Sallie Sloth

Find the pattern here.

Sallie, the sloth, will become your child’s best friend. He is a great companion during nap time and playtime alike. His smile will make them feel happy and comfortable.

17. Florence Flamingo

Find the pattern here.

I love that this pattern combines fluffy and normal yarns to make a more interesting toy.

However, you can use the same Feels Like Butta yarn all over the flamingo if you want the softest toy possible.

18. Lola Llama

Find the pattern here.

Llamas are very adorable although they are better companions in the plushie form.

I love this toy because it can turn into a cute decoration when placed on a shelf.

This makes it easy to clean up after the kids are done playing.

19. Thiago The Parrot

Find the pattern here.

Last but definitely not least, is Thiago, the parrot.

The original colors are lovely together, but you can use all the colors you want.

Parrots are very colorful so you can let your imagination run wild!

This is another toy that will sit well on shelves making it a great ornament.