13 Incredibly Easy Crochet Gift Ideas for Teachers (free!)

Do you have a teacher in your life that you want to show appreciation to through a homemade item? This round-up includes easy and versatile patterns for all kinds of teachers. Use this list to get started!

Color Pencils

These color pencils may not be able to be written with, but they’re such a cute little decoration for desks and classrooms! You can make them in all kinds of colors.

You don’t even need to add a face to it if you don’t want to. They’re very versatile. With how quickly they whip up, you could make a whole box of color pencils for a teacher in your life.

Giant Pencil

Free video pattern by Jayda Institches

This is perfect for sprucing up a classroom chair! You can use even bigger yarn than she did in the video and create an even bigger pencil pillow to snuggle.

You don’t have to be limited to the normal yellow; choose whatever color you like! She goes through the pattern step-by-step in this video to make it as easy as possible for you to follow along.

Pencil Case

Perhaps your teacher has a bunch of pens and pencils but needs a place to put them, and they don’t want a boring cardboard box. Why don’t you make this cool case that uses a paper towel tube for extra structure?

If you don’t have a paper towel tube, you could also use wrapping paper tubes or PVC pipes. If you’re up for the challenge, you could widen the base and make it even bigger for a larger collection of pens and pencils!

Cherry Blossoms Binder Cover

This super simple pattern is great for teachers who have a lot of binders. What’s great is that this cover can be taken off and reused. It can also be decorated in all kinds of ways!

The design itself is stitched on after the cover is created, which means it is incredibly versatile. If your teacher has a certain design they like, you can easily change it to that!

Botanical Bookmark

Teachers always have books of all kinds in their life. Why don’t you make them a cool flower bookmark to go along with their collection of books? Choose however many colors you’d like the flowers to be.

You can also choose how many flowers you’d want to make according to the length of their books! If you’d rather watch a how-to video, you can find it on YouTube.

Apple Amigurumi

Everyone gives teachers apples. Why don’t you give your teacher an apple they don’t have to eat and can carry memories with them in every classroom? This amigurumi apple is perfect for that!

Plus, if your teacher likes green apples more, you could create that instead! This super simple pattern is perfect for that.

Apple Wreath

Is one singular apple too easy for you? You could crochet this apple wreath instead! Isn’t it cute? Plus, it’s a perfect door decoration for your favorite teacher.

You don’t have to just crochet red apples, but you could mix it up with green ones as well to give it a little creative distinction. Have fun with it!

Hanging Toy Organizer

Kindergarten teachers often need space to put their toys up. This hanging basket is perfect for that. You can choose the amount of baskets to create, and it doesn’t take up floor space.

This pattern is made with foam boards in between the baskets for stability. While it can be easily made without that, it would be helpful to have those boards in to keep it from collapsing!

Water Bottle Holder

Anyone who has a water bottle will tell you that having a carrier for it makes it a whole lot easier to move around, especially if your hands are full of papers and other knick knacks you’ve collected over the school day! Hydration is key on days like these.

Make this holder whatever color you desire. It’s an incredibly simple pattern that is quite versatile and can be made for any teacher.

Yip Yips

These fun critter hangers are great for spicing up any room, regardless of age. This simple pattern whips up these cutely goofy monster bags that are great for storing items while making the kids laugh.

They can be used for any sort of storage, especially if you line the inside with fabric. This pattern uses blanket yarn, so if you decide to use acrylic or a smaller yarn, keep in mind that the final product will come out smaller.

Crocheted Rug

The floors of schools are often not that exciting to look at. They’re often a weird flat carpet or concrete. This rug is great for breaking up the monotone floor with a splash of color.

It’s super simple and involves repeating one stitch and switching up colors until you get to the length that you want. The sky’s the limit!

Shawl with Pockets

If you live in a southern area where air conditioning happens year-round (or at least for months at a time), then you know how cold the inside of a school can get. Why don’t you surprise your teacher with this shawl for those cold days? Better yet, it comes with pockets!

This pattern is easy and crochets for one size fits all. If you wish to make it larger or smaller, you can adjust the length of your chain to create a size that works for you!

Chair Cushion

Not all chairs are created equal and some may be harder on the back than others. If your teacher is in need of a cushion, why don’t you use this simple pattern to hand make one for them?