13 Incredible Free Crochet Patterns for Scarfie Yarn (easy!)

Looking for a yarn to make cozy projects? Lion Brand’s Scarfie Yarn is a great choice! It’s a chunky size-5 yarn that blends acrylic and wool, so it’s super soft. Scarfie is multicolored, so it creates an automatic ombré effect as you crochet. It comes in over two dozen colorways, making it perfect for all kinds of projects, from hats and scarves to slippers and afghans. Plus, it’s machine washable! Just make sure to dry your projects flat for best results. Now let’s dive in and see what incredible patterns you can make with Scarfie yarn, starting with scarves!

1. Easy Crochet One-Stitch Scarfie

Free pattern by Meli Hu for Lion Brand Yarn here!

First up is a super-easy pattern that’s perfect for beginners! This scarf requires just one skein of yarn and is made with only chains and single crochets. It will look amazing in any variation of Scarfie yarn because the multicolor design adds a touch of depth to the project.

You will need to know how to check your gauge—for this project and many others in the round-up—so here’s an article all about the topic.

2. Eyelets and Clusters Scarf

Free pattern by Teresa Chorzepa for Lion Brand Yarn here!

This is a great pattern if you’re looking to make a slightly more complex scarf. The diamond-like design is absolutely gorgeous and delicate, and the project is still quite easy to make. You’ll need just one ball of yarn plus knowledge of easy stitches and the 2-double-crochet cluster, which is described in the pattern. Plus, there are both written directions and a diagram for the scarf.

3. Openwork Scarf

Free pattern by Lion Brand Yarn here!

This is another scarf that looks intricate but is still easy to make! You’ll need just one ball of yarn and knowledge of simple stitches (chain, single crochet, and double crochet). The fun open checkered texture is achieved simply by skipping stitches.

4. Celie Pocket Scarf

Free pattern by Kristi Simpson for Lion Brand Yarn here!

This scarf is extra fun because it has cozy pockets that will keep your hands warm all winter long. You’ll need two skeins of yarn and knowledge of some slightly more complex stitches: half double crochet in the third loop, and the V-stitch. These are described in the pattern, so it’s a great choice for beginners who are ready to learn new skills.

The scarf is worked as one piece and then the ends are folded over and seamed to make the pockets, so that step is quite easy. And you get to add fun fringe for a pop of style!

5. Crochet Icicles Scarf

Free pattern by Left in Knots here!

Here’s another fringed scarf that’s quite fun to make because it’s not just a rectangle. It’s one of many patterns that are part of Left in Knots’ “Seven Days of Scarfie” collection. This pattern looks particularly incredible with an ombré gradient, and you can use a grey/white blend like the designer did to evoke icicles, or you can choose any Scarfie colorway that matches your style.

You’ll need just one skein for this project, and it uses mostly easy stitches, though you will need to know the HDCX (half-double crochet X) and hdc2tog (half-double crochet 2 together) stitches. These are described in the pattern, and beginners with a bit of experience under their belts will be able to learn them quite easily.

6. Candied Ginger Infinity Scarf

Free pattern by Left in Knots here!

Here’s another scarf from the “Seven Days of Scarfie” collection. The design is absolutely gorgeous, and you can add whatever buttons fit your personality and match the Scarfie colorway you choose. According to the designer, it’s super customizable: you can make an infinity scarf or leave the ends unconnected to wear it as a regular scarf.

The pattern calls for easy stitches plus the double crochet V-stitch and double crochet spike V-stitch, so you’ll probably want to have a few projects under your belt before making this one. Thankfully, Left in Knots provides video tutorials, both left- and right-handed versions, for the spike V-stitch.

7. Frosted Petals Scarf

Free pattern by Left in Knots here!

This is an incredible asymmetrical scarf, and the cream-and-pink ombré is so captivating. It’s another entry from the “Seven Days of Scarfie” collection, and this one features the arcade stitch, which is quite easy to learn and gives the scarf a dainty scalloped look. The pattern is a great choice for beginners who want to branch out, since there are both right- and left-handed video tutorials for the arcade stitch.

8. Shell Shawl

Free pattern by Lion Brand Yarn here!

Scarves aren’t all you can make with Scarfie yarn—it’s a good choice for cozy shawls and ponchos, too! The Shell Shawl is perfect for spring or a cool summer day thanks to its airy stitches. The pattern calls for 3 skeins of yarn and knowledge of easy stitches plus the shell stitch and V-stitch. Both stitches are described in the pattern, and the shell stitch in particular makes this shawl beautiful. Lion Brand used a mustard colorway for their product photos, but a blue colorway combined with the shell stitch would give a wonderful beachy vibe.

9. Plainfield Poncho

Free pattern by Teresa Chorzepa for Lion Brand Yarn here!

Look no further than this Plainfield Poncho to stay warm this fall and winter. It has a super fun geometric look and is made with easy stitches plus the 2dc cluster and dc2tog stitches, which are both described in the pattern. It’s worked as multiple panels that are joined together, so I’d recommend having a bit of crochet experience before you dive into this pattern.

10. Coffee Bean Beanie

Free pattern by Left in Knots here!

You probably want something to keep your head warm in the winter too, and this Coffee Bean Beanie is a great choice. It’s cozy, cute, and even features a fun pom-pom! It gets its puffy texture from the bean stitch, and there’s a video tutorial included, so this is a perfect pattern for beginners who want to learn new skills.

11. Coffee Bean Ear Warmer

Free pattern by Left in Knots here!

If you prefer ear warmers to hats, check out this matching Coffee Bean Ear Warmer. It’s perfect for fall, or for winter days that aren’t quite cold enough to require a full hat. It uses a button closure, so you can customize both your Scarfie colorway and your button. And you only need easy stitches plus the bean stitch and hdc2tog decrease.

12. Snowball Slipper Socks

Free pattern by Left in Knots here!

These super cozy slippers are perfect for curling up with a good book on a chilly winter day. The pattern calls for simple stitches plus the hdc2tog decrease, and it even includes a video tutorial for the magic circle (also called the magic ring). The best part? You can adjust the slippers to fit any size by using more or fewer rounds.

13. 5 Ball Ripple Afghan

Free pattern by Missy Marshall for Lion Brand Yarn here!

You’ll probably want a cozy blanket to snuggle up under in the winter, too, and this ripple afghan is an incredible choice. Bulky Scarfie yarn will keep you warm, and the ripple design will add some style to your home décor. This pattern requires the most yarn of any patterns in this round-up, so it’s great if you’re looking for a larger, more meditative project. You’ll only need easy stitches, but make sure you’re comfortable with color changes before you begin.