13 Incredible Faux Fur Crochet Projects (for beginners!)

The idea of working with faux fur can seem so fun, but also daunting! The fluffy texture is nice to feel, but it can often be difficult coming up with project ideas for this special type of yarn. Be warned that the yarn can also make it tricky to see the stitches sometimes, but this gets easier with practice and it is so worth it in the end!

That is where this post comes in, where I will be walking you through some easy and fun patterns from talented creators out there. From pom poms to cat beds, there will surely be something that interests you!

Have your yarn and hook ready, let’s get into today’s round up post on incredible faux fur crochet projects.

1. Faux Fur Mittens

Free Pattern by All About Ami

These mittens would be so cozy and warm during the winter months and in the snow! Faux fur makes them lovely to touch inside and out.

The main part is made using Faux yarn, specifically Lion Brand’s Go For Faux yarn, while the ribbing part is crochet with normal yarn so it fits snug around your wrist.

2. Bearmuffs

Free pattern by Little World of Whimsy

This adorable pair of earmuffs is worked from faux fur yarn and uses a plastic headband as a base. I absolutely love how these came out and they work up really quickly!

3. Fluffle the Bear

Free pattern by Little World of Whimsy

Fluffle the Bear is an adorable teddy bear that does’t even look crocheted! You can make this bear with just one ball of faux fur yarn. I’ve also included lots of tips in case you’re new to working with faux fur yarn!

4. Faux Fur Coat

Free Pattern by Mama in a Stitch

This fur coat looks so warm, its like wearing a cute and stylish blanket! The pattern can be adjusted to your size and whether you want an oversized or fitted look. It even includes pockets, what more could you want!

5. Faux Fur Christmas Stocking

Free Pattern by A Crocheted Simplicity

It might not be the festive season yet but it is never too early to crochet Christmas decorations or gifts! The project works up quickly from using faux yarn and a 9mm hook.

The hanging loop and pom poms are also a lovely touch! The only thing that is left for you to do is pick a colour for your own faux stocking!

6. Faux Heart Pillow

Free Pattern by Jessica Paz Creates

A faux heart pillow is the perfect addition to any couch or bedding! The faux yarn would make the pillow so nice to cuddle with or sleep on.

The front is crocheted using faux while the back is done with normal yarn and the pattern shows you how to crochet these separate panels, as well as how to sew them together!

7. Faux Fur Pom Pom

Free Pattern by Left in Knots

Here we have a pattern for a faux pom pom, which can be added to many projects for the fluffy aspect! As above a good idea is to include them on beanies, I imagine a double pom pom beanies with one on each side would adorable too.

8. Faux Fur Scrunchie

Free Pattern by Fiber Flux

Scrunchies are such an easy to make an practical project! They can be worm in your hair, wrist or both. They also make great last minute gifts or something you can quickly make and add to your outfit.

There is a video as well as a written tutorial available for you to follow. Enjoy making these scrunchies in all colours of the rainbow!

9. Peanut Cat Couch

Free Pattern by tl yarn crafts

Isn’t this just the most adorable idea! I think we will all need to crochet a pet bed at least once. Quite a few skeins of faux yarn as well as fiber-fill would be required, so be prepared for that!

Aside from that, the pattern is easy to follow with plenty of pictures and tips to help you make your wn pet couch as smoothly as possible.

10. Fur Earmuffs

Free Pattern by Loveable Loops

Earmuffs are not only practical by keeping us warm, but they also look super cute and faux yarn makes them even better.

The earmuffs are worked in the round so make sure to be familiar with that technique, and have a headband ready for you to work the faux yarn around in crocheting these earmuffs!

11. Classic Teddy Bear

Free Pattern by Spin a Yarn Crochet

Everyone loves a fluffy plushie, especially one that is handmade! The pattern works up to be an adorable hand-sized toy that would make a lovely gift or sweet thing for yourself.

The written part is easy to follow, although the assembly may be tricky so this is probably for an intermediate audience. For the ribbon, you can use any colour or you may like to crochet your own little bow!

12. Haze Handbag

Free Pattern by tl yarn crafts

Bags are always handy to have around, and you would want to be using this faux fur bag all the time! The pattern works up a decent sized bag and the strap is sturdy as they are secured with metal findings.

The style is also versatile, as you may where it as a hand or cross body bag. I hope you enjoy crocheting your new favourite bag!

13. Faux Fur Hood

Free Pattern by Sincerely Pam

Last but not least we have a faux fur hood! The pattern is worked flat and sewn closed after, so this might make a nice project to work on while multitasking with say watching tv or having a chat.

The faux fur would make the hood not only soft on your head, but super warm! The pom pom strands make lovely touches but also act as a tie around your neck if it needs a little extra securing.