12 Adorable Amigurumi Patterns for Christmas Gifting in 2024 (free!)

Whether it is that time of year again or you are just in the mood for some Christmas festivities any time, then this round up of Christmas themed amigurumis (or crocheted stuffed toys) is for you! I’ve compiled a great assortment here of many different Christmas characters, including reindeer, angels and even an adorable little gingerbread man!

A good thing about all Christmas themed projects follow a similar colour palette, so you won’t find yourself constantly shopping for that new colour of yarn. These patterns would be great for gifting as the title suggests, but also as decorations for your home like on the table setting or under your Christmas tree! Wherever you decide to place your new creation, it is sure to bring some Christmas cheer.

There are also a lot of opportunities here to experiment with other crafty items like using safety eyes rather than simply embroidering them on or using felt/pom poms as Christmas baubles.

Some complicated techniques may be involved in crocheting amigurumi, if these are new to you feel free to check out my Amigurumi Basics Tutorials for Beginners Now let’s jump into the post!

Christmas Gnomes Collection

Free Pattern by Uyen Nguyen

To start, we have not just one pattern but a collection of THREE adorable gnomes, each appearing to be themed as an elf, reindeer and Santa! The designer is incredibly detailed in describing how to create the different elves, and has even included diagrams like for how to change colour or complete an invisible fasten off. There are plenty of images throughout to the different parts and how they should be sewn together. I would probably describe this as an advanced beginner pattern.

Christmas Tree Amigurumi

Free Pattern by StringyDingDing

How cute is this Christmas tree, especially with the big eyes and little embroidered smile! This pattern includes patterns for crocheting just a plain green trees or one with the snowy layers. You can also choose to add a brown stump! I think its cool how many ways there are to customise your tree, like instead of white to mimic snow on the leaves you could use multi-colour to be like Christmas lights! This pattern has an easy difficulty so most can give it a go.

Mini Reindeer Amigurumi

Free Pattern by Supergurumi

This reindeer works to be so cute and small, can even fit in the palm of a hand! You have the option to crochet a red nose like Rudolf or black like the others. The instructions are super clear, with heaps of photos to show you every step of the way, especially assembly! The body and head are worked in one though, so at least don’t have to worry about that. Techniques here include mainly single/half double crochet, also some increases, decreases and colour changes- so not too difficult!

Christmas Elf Pixie Doll

Free Pattern by Sweet Softies

This elf is part of a ‘Perfect Pixie Collection by the designer Sweet Softies, so check that out also if you like! The pattern is recommended for familiar beginners and is easy which is great for anyone wanting to create it. There are not many photos included although the steps are pretty clearly written. The different parts much be crocheted separately and then how to assemble them is explained well at the end, with even intricate details like adding blush!

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Amigurumi Santa Mouse

Free Pattern by lilleliis

I haven’t seen many mice made into Christmas characters so I think that is what makes this pattern unique! This Santa can have extra details like a snowflake by the hat or blush seeming to have been drawn on with a marker. The embroidered belt outline also makes a nice touch. This is an easy pattern and its finishing size is about 19cm, so a decent size- great as decoration like for the table or tv stand, or as a huggable toy!

Amigurumi Reindeer

Free Pattern by Grace and Yarn

I love a big crochet plushie, so this pattern would be my go-to! As seen in a photo on the designer’s page as linked, the plushie stands as big as a person’s torso! The green scarf and red nose make lovely touches on this pattern. The legs and body are worked together which is handy, so the arms and everything else attached to the head are added later. Quite a bit of stuffing would be needed and safety eyes would probably work best here as it is a big plushie! Aside from all that, I think this would make a great advanced beginner project.

Christmas Tree Ami

Free Pattern by Furls Fibrearts

Joy the Christmas Tree is the name of this amigurumi! It is an adorable design, and worked very simply too. All parts are crocheted in the round, so no sewing flat-worked rows together. The leaves are even crocheted directly onto the main Christmas tree base, making the pattern run even smoother. Little pink circles of felt as used as blush on this plushie and pom poms for baubles, what a great idea!

Mini Angel Amigurumi

Free Pattern by Loops and Love Crochet

These two angels look so sweet! The pattern is written as if you were crocheting the pair, like it says to make four wings, but if you wanted to make just one that is fine too. Many parts are involved in making these angels but they are sure to be worth the effort! They are crocheted in continuous rounds beginning with a magic circle, if you don’t know that technique I have a Youtube tutorial available here! The size comes to about 4.5 inches, and the designer suggests your finished project being used as an ornament or gift!

Christmas Deer Cupcake

Free Pattern by Amigurumi Today

Such a cute little project, you will have one or most likely more of these whipped up in no time! You may attach a loop so they can be a Christmas ornament, or they may also be cute to scatter around a Christmas table setting! Or maybe a cat would appreciate it as a toy. Since they are cupcake themed, you could use whatever colour you like to resemble your favourite flavour! I think a red velvet cupcake in red and cream yarn would be amazing. There is a little process to create an account to access this pattern but once that is done, you will have a great pattern!

Amigurumi Christmas Stockings

Free Pattern by Jennifer Q

Stockings have never looked so cute! These make a nice fun and quick project to whip up for yourself of family/friends. Although if I made some of these, I reckon I would get too attached to gift away! This pattern is recommended for a beginner-intermediate audience. There are a few good photos that clearly show the process of crocheting the colour changed heel and cuff. The way faces are added here look adorable but you could do whatever suits you or the gift receivers’ style!

Christmas Bell Ornament

This designer has a whole collection of Christmas patterns if you wanted to look at those, but I just decided to link this little bell as it differs from other designs in this post! It is of a bell, but the holly attached on top adds another layer of Christmas feels. The design works up to be small enough to fit in the palm of a hand as seen in the image above! Could also be creative and make it into a key or bag charm as the designer suggests. The pattern is beginner level, although you need to have the basics of amigurumi down pat!

Gingerbread Man

Free Pattern by Yum Yarn

Last but not least, we have a gingerbread man! And how sweet does he look, between the sprinkles on top, bow tie and buttons that very much resemble m&ms! Fairly basic stitches are used here, and the pattern is written clearly row by row using your usual abbreviations. Because of that, I would say this is a beginner-friendly pattern. The gingerbread man comes to about 20cm, which is a nice size for an amigurumi! Make it your own by adding cute facial details like the blush and smile as above!

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