11 Thirty Minute Crochet Teacher Gift Patterns (free + easy)

Teachers play a huge role in our lives from a young age, so how better to thank and show them your appreciation than with a handmade gift? Below are 11 easy and free crochet patterns that would make an amazing and considerate gift for the teacher in your life.

If you want something to gift them to show them your appreciation, then the following patterns should be of use! Most, if not all, of the patterns below, are aimed at beginners and can be made in as little as 30 minutes to an hour, so why not give it a go?

The yarn weights used in the below patterns are bulky, worsted, light or Aran, but all patterns are easy to amend – just bear in mind that the lighter the weight the smaller the project will come out.

1. Basket organiser – 3 sizes

Free pattern by Dessert Blossom Crafts

These baskets can be made quickly due to the bulky-weight yarn and simple stitches such as single crochet. There is only a small color change, and the pattern perfectly explains how to do it, with pictures to demonstrate.

Bulky-weight yarn helps with the baskets’ quick workup and keeps them sturdy enough for bits a teacher may need to tidy away. The pattern can be easily adapted to make the baskets taller by adding more rows, but there are 3 basket sizes to begin with so you may not need to amend them at all.

2. School Themed Bookmarks – 3 designs

Free pattern by Lovable Loops

These patterns are quick and easy as they are crocheted flat. You only need to be able to crochet in a round, in a row and may need to do minimal sewing together of pieces and embroidery of details.

There are 3 designs to choose from – ruler, pencil and bookworm – all free and very cute! A bonus of these patterns is that they can be used as appliqués to be added to bags, pencil cases or clothing!

3. Plant holder

Free pattern by Easy Crochet

This pattern is a nice way to spruce up a plant pot that may otherwise be plain and boring. A plant holder can be a nice accompaniment for a plant you gift to a teacher.

This is easily adaptable as it requires only one color and uses only 3 different stitches – there is a special stitch used in the pattern, but it is very well explained.

4. 3D Apples

Free pattern from 5 Little Monsters

One thing that always seems to say “teacher” and “school” is apples! Here we have a 3D apple pattern. These are quite small and as such can be made quickly.

As they are amigurumi they are simple to make due only single crochet and simple increases and decreases. The designer even includes a little bonus of how to make the apples weighted, so as to make them even more functional as a paperweight or doorstop.

4. Paperclip apples

Free pattern by AnneMarie’s Haakblog

This is a great way to jazz up stationary for your teacher. All you need to do is crochet a flat apple (the designer even links a tutorial for doing a magic ring) and sew the completed apple onto the paperclip.

This is a small and easy design and you can quickly make many of these to attach to jumbo paperclips for your teacher’s use. The finished item can also be used as an appliqué to add on bags, garments and such.

Please note, while the pattern begins in Dutch, you can scroll down just a little to have the pattern in English.

5. Hand sanitiser cozy

Free pattern by Micah Makes

Need a quick and cute gift? Look no further than this hand sanitizer cozy. Not only is this easy to make, but they look amazing too. 

You can customize the item with different embroidery, sticky embellishments and even by using buttons. Please note, the pattern is listed as a download on the website and it opens up in a new tab for you to view.

6. Amigurumi apple keychain

Free pattern by Spin A Yarn

Here we have another apple, but this time even cuter!

This pattern is quick to work up as it is made from two flat pieces (worked in rows), and two smaller detail pieces, which are joined together, stuffed and further details added. Just add a keyring and voilà – a cute apple keychain gift!

7. Pencil cup cozy

Free pattern by Through the Loop

This is a clever pattern that makes use of a theme resulting in a useful item. The pattern uses multiple colors to make the finished project reminiscent of a pencil and turns them into a cup cozy that fits any standard take-out/reusable cup.

The pattern is easy and makes use of a modified spike stitch, but the stitch is well-explained and demonstrated in pictures. This is a nice gift and quick to work up, so making more than one in quick succession is very possible!

8. Amigurumi pencils and crayons

Free pattern by Stringy Dingding

This pattern is great if you’re looking for a cute amigurumi gift for a teacher as opposed to a functional item. The pattern is for beginners and uses single crochet stitches with some going into front-loops and back-loops.

There is some color change, but there are some great explanations and pictures to show how this is done. There are also useful instructions on how to embroider the smiles.

9. Apple treat pouch

Free pattern by Pattern Paradise

This is a great pattern as it is used to also make the next pattern! The first pattern though is an apple-themed (yes, another apple) coaster set – perfect for a teacher!

There are worked in a round and only make use of single and double crochet as well as some color changes.

10. Apple treat pouch

Free pattern by Pattern Paradise

While technically not a new pattern, it makes use of the above pattern to create something new – a treat pouch! You can even sew one apple slice coaster and one solid color coaster together to make this small pouch for treats, which is explained very nicely at the end of the pattern.

11. Wise Owl Mug Cozy

Free pattern by Michele Wilcox

Another cozy, but this time for a mug. This wise owl mug cozy is perfect for those teachers departing wisdom to you or any other person you wish to gift this to.

The pattern is easy and quick to make, with basic sewing of pieces together and sewing on a button to make the cozy stay on the mug itself. The wrap size can be amended very easily by adding or subtracting the number of chains or rows.