11 Free Market Bag Patterns (Easy and Eco-Friendly!)

Market bags are popular replacements for plastic shopping bags. They are reusable shopping bags that help to reduce the use of single-use paper or plastic shopping bags. Better yet, they are a popular item to crochet!

My recommendation for market bags would be cotton yarn, because it is durable and easy to clean. Cotton will produce a strong bag that will not lose its shape. 

If you are looking for an eco-friendly yarn, then organic cotton yarn is best. Organic cotton farming has much less impact on the environment than commercial cotton since it uses much less water, and does not use heavy pesticides or chemicals. Reusable bags, made from renewable resources like jute, cotton or bamboo, help to prevent the buildup of greenhouse gases.

A crochet market bag is a practical crochet project that you may use on a daily basis. So, get rid of plastic bags and experiment with these 11 free, durable, and stylish crochet market bag patterns.

1. Wave Market Bag

Wave Market Bag free crochet pattern by Heart Hook Home.

This beautifully lacy and free market bag pattern is perfect for your next trip to the farmer’s market. Great for experienced crocheters, this useful and elegant project uses a lightweight yarn, but can be sized up to work with a worsted yarn too! Click the link here for the free pattern.

2. Eco-Friendly Market Bag

Yarn Craftee’s Eco-Friendly Market Bag Crochet Pattern.

This simple, durable, and stylish bag consists of just two simple stitches: single and double crochet! Perfect for beginners, this bag is worked flat for the first few rows, then worked in rounds. The bands of single crochet across the bag help to keep its shape and make the bag stronger. Find the pattern here.

3. Red Heart Lacy Crochet Market Bag

The Read Heart Lacy Crochet Market Bag on Yarnspirations.

Why pay for a reusable shopping bag when you could make one yourself? One of the larger bags on this list, Red Heart’s Lacy Crochet Market Bag is perfect to keep handy for shopping or when traveling.

Check out this link for the pattern right here, and be sure to take a look at this link here for some practice with crochet lace!

4. Wildrose Market Bag

All About Ami’s Wildrose Market Bag.

The Wildrose Market Bag puts a modern twist on the classic granny square!

Because granny squares are a crochet classic, they are a great project for beginners. This bag, made of 13 granny squares, is a great choice for anyone looking to learn more stitches. This free pattern includes instructions on all of the stitches needed to work up the bag, including a magic ring, puff stitch, beginning cluster, cluster, and the waistcoat stitch. Click the link here for the pattern!

5. Bellissima Market Bag

Bellissima Market Bag on Pattern Paradise.

Another beautiful and lacy market bag is the Bellissima Market Bag on Pattern Paradise. This bag features another lacy stitch and solid bands across the top and bottom of the bag to increase its durability. Check out the pattern here!

6. Grab & Go Market or Beach Bag

The Grab & Go Market or Beach Bag on Crochet For You.

This simple market bag is easy and fast to crochet. The stitch pattern in this bag mimics the basic granny stitch in rows, with some variation. For the bag, you crochet double crochet stitches in chain spaces, and add texture with a front post double crochet.

This stitch combination creates a beautiful pattern and is great for beginners. The finished crochet market bag is stretchy and lightweight. Check out the free crochet pattern by clicking on this link here.

7. Crochet Open-Air Cotton Market Bag

Crochet Open-Air Cotton Market Bag found on Left in Knots.

Worked with double strands, this bag is a great stashbuster and is fast to make. This bag is sturdy and perfect to use as a shopping bag at a market or as a reusable grocery bag.

If you know the basics–chains, single crochets, half-double crochets, double crochets, and slip stitches– you can make this bag! Find the pattern at this link here!

8. Mermaid Market Bag

Mermaid Market Bag from Mermaid Treasures Fiber Arts.

Embrace your love of the sea with this beautiful scalloped market bag! Worked in the round, this gorgeous mermaid market bag is perfect for your next grocery trip or visit to the beach. This bag also makes a great gift for any mermaid-lovers in your life. Take a look at this free and easy-to-read pattern at this link here!

9. Plarn Market Bag

Share Bear Crochet’s Plarn Market Bag free pattern.

Crocheting a reusable market bag is already one step ahead of disposable plastic bags, but you can take it one step further.

Plarn, plastic yarn, is used to crochet repurposed plastic shopping bags into new, reusable items. This pattern for a plarn market bag includes a link to a tutorial on how to make the plarn and works up quickly.

The pattern is simple and helps make an impact on our environment. Link here!

10. Crochet Farmer’s Market Bag

Just Be Crafty’s Crochet Farmer’s Market Bag.

This bag, with its square shape, long handles, solid bottom, and mesh body, is stretchy, durable, and stylish. While simple, this bag is practical and large enough to hold everything you need. It makes the perfect gift for any tote bag fanatic and works up quickly. Check out the free pattern at this link here.

11. French Market Bag

French Market Bag from the Two of Wands.

Last, but certainly not least is the French Market Bag! This popular pattern is inspired by the traditional French net grocery bag and is perfect for a trip to the store, maybe to purchase bread and cheese.

This bag is made in a large square that is then gathered on each side. At the ends of these gathers, the handles are attached. This forms the shape of the market bag and allows it to expand greatly. Check out this link here for the free pattern!

I hope you enjoyed this round up! There is something here for everyone: a plarn bag for the environmentally conscious, a scalloped bag for those who love the beach, and plenty of beautiful lacy designs perfect for a trip to the market. 

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