11+ Foolproof Free Crochet Face Scrubby Patterns (easy!)

Today we have a compilation of crochet scrubby patterns, all of them unique with different colors and textures to suit your needs. Cotton is the ideal yarn to use for these projects as the material is durable and easily washable.

Some of these scrubby patterns are circular and they could probably double over as reusable makeup wipes. They are also small so its easy to make heaps in a short amount of time for gifting, selling or using yourself! Which ever designs you choose to create, I hope you have fun making and using them.

1. Scrubby Edge Dishcloth

Free Pattern by Fiber Flux

Here have some simple square scrubbies! The granny square middle makes a soft surface for general washing while the textured border works best for scrubby stubborn dishes.

There is also a youtube tutorial available if you prefer to learn that way. Only simple stitches are involved and the pattern works up quickly, so give it a go!

2. Scrubby Holder Set

Free Pattern by Crochet ‘n’ Create

This set is just adorable! It includes instructions for the little scrubbies as well as the mesh bags. Once finished they are completely reusable as make up wipes or for washing your face. Great for being environmentally friendly!

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3. Stitched Up Make Up Scrubbies

Free Pattern by Stitched Up Craft

These scrubbies are so cute, especially when made in all colours of the rainbow like the image above! The pattern includes two sizes of 2.5 or 3.5 inches.

Puff stitches are used in these so creates a great texture for washing and scrubbing! Also looks super cute too.

4. Flower Face Scrubby

Free Pattern by Crafts by Sarah Liz

I love the adorable shapes of these flower scrubbies. If you crochet them in a variety of colours, you can have a bouquet of them!

Puff and shell stitches are worked here in crocheting the lovely design. These work up super quickly and the designer also has other face scrubby patterns so be sure to check those out too.

5. Scrub it Scrubby

Free Pattern by Pam Stiff

The design of this scrubby is very clever! A cutting from a pool noodle is put inside the crochet cover to create an unsinkable scrubby, very convenient if you have a habit of losing yours in the sink.

The crochet part is easily worked up so you just have to go about sourcing a pool noodle, this material also makes the scrubby always squeezable so that is handy!

6. Round Scrubby

Free Pattern by Desert Blossom Crafts

These are some super simple scrubbies that only work up in about 8 minutes! Only simple techniques like rounding in the round and increasing are involved.

There is a written and photo tutorial included on the page, as well as a video to further assist you with this project.

7. Face Scrubbie

Free Pattern by Zamiguz

This pattern shows you how to crochet the scrubbies, as well as a mesh bag that allows you to store and wash them in!

Cotton yarn is definitely recommended to be worked with here as they are gentle on your face if they are used as a face scrubby or dishes if you do not want to scratch them.

8. Splash of Citrus Scrubbie

Free Pattern by Yarnspirations

The idea to have scrubbies as citrus foods is so cute! If you can’t source the orange, yellow and green scratchy yarn like above that’s okay as any color will do.

However, Yarnspirations has a handy link for purchasing the specific yarn straight from the site, so check that if you are interested!

9. Super Scrubby

Free Pattern by Flo’s Crafty Crochet

This pattern is available on the designers page or as a paid downloadable pdf. The pattern is simple and cute, mostly consisting of puff stitches that make the scrubby work up quickly!

Feel free to follow the written tutorial or check out the video for learning how to make a lovely super scrubby.

10. Brookie’s Scrubby Set

Free Pattern by Snappy Tots

Who doesn’t love a crochet set of something! Here we have some interesting looking hexagon scrubbies to solve all your dishwashing problems.

They work up super quickly and can be stored in an adorable matching bag as well. Make 6 to complete a set!

11. Sunflower Dishcloth Scrubby

Flowers are so pretty everywhere else, why not turn them into a scrubby! It involves a special stitch of the mini puff, but other than that this pattern is very suited for beginners.

Make sure to use a cotton yarn of sorts so you can get the best scrubbing action when it is put to use!

12. Spring Blossom Face Scrubbie

Free Pattern by Jenna Yamamoto

Going into Spring, these scrubbies are the perfect homeware for your bathroom or kitchen! The designer has a free written or video tutorial for these and they are very beginner friendly.

They work up fairly quickly and only require a small amount of yarn, so why not use some of your stash on these!

13. Fish Scrubbie Washcloths

Free Pattern by One Dog Woof

These have got to be some of the funkiest scrubbies I’ve seen lately! They are almost too cute to actually use.

There is a shell stitch version available as above, but the designer also has a stripy version so be sure to check that out too through the link on their page!