11 Eyecatching Crochet Wedding Dress Patterns (beautiful!)

A wedding dress is such a meaningful piece of clothing, even more so if it’s crocheted! I’ve compiled here what I thought were some of the most beautiful wedding dresses out there.

Not only do crochet dresses look stunning, but they would also end up being more affordable too! Spending around $100 on yarn depending on the quality and quantity you need is much better than hundreds to thousands of dollars on a bought wedding dress.

Plus, crocheting a dress makes a lovely sentimental piece to hold onto and pass through the family for generations. So what is stopping you? I hope you have fun with deciding on a pattern and crocheting your very own wedding dress!

1. Beach Wedding Dress

Pattern by Krinichka

Here we have a beautiful lacy wedding dress with long sleeves. This one is not long enough to drape on the floor so you don’t have to worry about that.

The pattern is available in English and Russian. It is also written using crochet charts so make sure you have some knowledge of reading those. Because of that, this is likely more of an intermediate and above skill level!

2. Crochet Dress

I love the back detailing on this one, and the shell texture for the skirt part. The pattern caters for sizes S/M and M/L, although this can be customised.

Especially for the skirt length as you just keep working this. The yardage is said to be about 2000m so make sure to prepare for that when you are organising your yarn!

The pattern is presented in charts, as well as detailed written instructions if you are not familiar with those.

3. Wedding Bridal Maxi Dress

Pattern by ThePoshCrochet

This dress is absolutely stunning! The open back is commonly seen on wedding dresses, and rightly so as it looks lovely.

I works up to be calf-length and features a scallop hem. Colourful diagrams, descriptions, photos and instructions for sizing are all included in the pattern. This is an advanced pattern so experienced crocheters are recommended.

4. The Edith Dress

This wonderful wedding dress pattern has options for two different sleeve designs! How cool is that. It is also size inclusive, with plenty of detailed instructions to cater to you.

The skill level for this one is intermediate. The yarn required is around 1,200-1,800 yards, so be wary of that when shopping for the yarn to make your dream dress.

5. Everlasting Wedding Dress

Pattern by Annie’s Digital

This one features a flattering neckline and sleeves that drape nicely over your shoulders. The stitches used creates at incredible design that only crochet lace can provide.

The skill level is for intermediate to experienced crocheters. The instructions cater for bust sizes and go from S to 3XL.

6. Luna Two Piece

This is a two piece rather than a typical dress, but it would still make a gorgeous wedding outfit! The pattern is size inclusive, where you repeat the instructions to size for the skirt and the top goes by bra size.

The off the shoulder design makes a nice in between of long sleeve and short sleeve. The intricate skirt design with the open legs works well too to show off the shoes you’ll wear on the special day.

7. Crochet Maxi Dress

Pattern by MermaidcatDesigns

This dress isn’t exactly listed as a wedding dress, but it could easily be one! The neckline is super flattering and I love the detailing on the skirt.

As seen in another image on the pattern site, the dress also features a lovely open back. The pattern caters for sizes small, medium and large although there is help to adjust this based on the size of your own bust and hips.

8. Wedding Dress Train

Pattern by ChiKDesigns. Link for wedding dress is HERE and link for train addition is HERE

How cool does the skirt on this dress look in motion! The instructions are only on crochet charts so be sure you know how to use them, or familiarise yourself with the technique before starting.

Please be mindful that there is a base wedding dress pattern and an extra pattern for the special train. I have linked them both in the image caption.

9. Wedding Dress

Pattern by Krinichka

This dress works up to be shorter than the other ones I have included, so great if you are looking for a wedding dress that can be practically worn at the ceremony and reception!

The pattern includes charts and instructions written in English. However, the charts are not interpreted into words so experienced crocheters are recommended for this.

10. Beach Wedding Boho Dress

Pattern by FavoritePATTERNs

I love the unique design and rigid skirt for this one! It makes a great choice for a casual, beach style wedding. There are detailed instructions in English for every row, making this a pattern someone of intermediate skill level can attempt.

Cotton sport ply yarn is recommended for the best result here. The garment is said to fit sizes small to large.

11. Beach Wedding Dress

Pattern by FavoritePATTERNs

Another great wedding pattern design by FavoritePATTERNs, this one also features detailed instructions for every row to make your crocheting experience a breeze. There are instructions to fit sizes S to 2XL.

The long sleeves and loose fit make another nice design for a casual beach wedding. I hope you enjoy this design as well as the various other wedding dress patterns I included!