11 Effortless Shawl in a Ball Free Crochet Patterns (easy!)

The Shawl in a Ball Collection is one of the many colorful collections Lion Brand has brought to the market. This multicolored yarn is perfect if you want to spice up small and simple projects.

It is well-suited for fun accessories to wear with otherwise simple or boring outfits. Whether you make a hat, shawl, blouse, or skirt out of this yarn, you can be sure it will be a great hit.

You can find many beautiful and unique pieces on this list that will be ready in a very short time. They are great projects to pick up during the weekend or when you get into a crochet slump because of how easy and fast they are.

The following patterns are great picks if you are preparing for craft fairs or for the holidays. You can make a lot of the same pattern, but using this yarn collection, each piece will still turn out differently.

What better way of getting started with the Shawl in a Ball yarn collection than by crocheting a few shawls?

1. Vasti Shawl

Find the pattern here.

Triangle-shaped shawls are an amazing addition to your crochet collection because of the easy and comfortable fit they offer.

You can quickly throw one on and step outside for a few moments when you want to get some fresh air, take a short walk or read on the porch.

They are great in the colder months as well.

I can imagine putting it on while warming myself by the fire in the living room or next to a campfire.

2. Sila Shawl

Find the pattern here.

The Sila shawl is a wonderful pattern to use the Shawl in a Ball collection for.

The color changes of the yarn turn an easy and simple design into a unique item no one else but you can have.

The fringed edge compliments the mesh design very well.

To make your shawl even more unique, you can use a different color for the fringe.

3. Openwork Shawl

Find the pattern here.

This openwork shawl is one of my favorites because of the beautiful pattern repeated along the garment.

The colorful yarn matches the shawl very well but using a different type of yarn will not take away from its beauty either.

It is a perfect fit not only for those seeking a traditional and elegant style but also for people who like to wear lively colors and designs.

4. Rainbow Openwork Shawl

Find the pattern here.

This openwork shawl is worked in a similar way to the Sila shawl, but its length is better suited for times you need to wear a coat.

You can wear it on a windy day to stay warm and stylish.

It is a wonderful pattern when you want to crochet with multiple colors because they won’t overpower the design of the item.

5. Milo Shawl

Find the pattern here.

I love the Milo shawl because it is a cozy item to put on in the fall with a leaf-like pattern to fit the season very well.

At the same time, the pattern can be viewed in many different ways, so you won’t be restricted to only wearing it in autumn.

This shawl is a wonderful accessory and it will set your outfit apart in every crowd.

Another great thing about this shawl is that you can customize the length to fit your own style easily.

Make it shorter for a put-together, functional style, and keep it long for a dramatic and elegant look.

6. Bianca Top

Find the pattern here.

If you’ve crocheted yourself a new shawl, you may find yourself wishing for a new top to match it.

The Bianca top is a great project to pick up next.

The top is designed with a comfortable and breezy fit with beautiful sleeves which will bring a new and different style into your wardrobe.

It is a great top to wear on sunny days but you can layer it and wear it in the winter too.

7. Ulmann Pullover

Find the pattern here.

The Ullman pullover has a traditional fit that will look flattering on everyone.

It is a great piece to crochet if you don’t want to worry too much about designs.

You can let the pattern lead you to your next favorite pullover.

8. Solveig Skirt

Find the pattern here.

With spring already here, you may find yourself wishing to wear skirts more often.

While they may not be very common in the crochet world, crochet skirts are amazing and fit well.

If you don’t have one yet, this is the best time to start your own.

A great thing about them is that they are suitable for any weather conditions.

They are light for the summer months but warm enough to wear in winter with tights underneath.

9. Orient Beach Tunic

Find the pattern here.

Tunics are great pieces for everyday outfits and beach cover-ups.

The Orient Beach tunic is especially great as a cover-up.

The design is light and breezy, which reminds me of vacation every time I see it.

The Shawl in a Ball collection is a great fit for it because the different colors add a cheerful style to the piece.

10. Mendocino Vest

Find the pattern here.

If you’re not a fan of shawls but you’re looking for something to wear on cold days, you should crochet this vest next.

The length of the Mendocino vest is great for long walks and sitting outside, even on days when the wind is blowing stronger than usual.

If you like incorporating bohemian elements into your wardrobe, this is a great choice for your next project.

11. Long Luxe Cardigan

Find the pattern here.

I like this cardigan because the simple pattern makes it easy to customize.

If you’d like the cardigan to be shorter. you can easily adjust the length.

You can choose a yarn type similar to the Shawl in a Ball collection or you can make it with a single color.

A different way to customize the design is to use one color for the body and a different one around the edge of the opening.