11 Effortless Crochet Patterns for Variegated Yarns (free!)

Variegated is just another name for a yarn dyed multiple colors in one skein or cake. The final outcome of a variegated yarn project varies on technique and pattern. There are different types of variegated yarn, the most common being patchy (also called pooling), lightning bolt (also called flashing), and self-striping.

Self-striping is typically used with smaller projects like socks to produce a striping effect without all the manual color changes. All variegated yarns have predictable dye patterns.

Gradient yarn differs from variegated yarn due to the gradual and gentle transition from one color to the next without a repeating pattern. Variegated yarns have sudden yet repeated color transitions, creating interesting and unique effects with each project.

This collection of patterns will be focusing on variegated yarn patterns. However, you don’t need to be limited to patterns that use variegated yarn; any pattern is possible!

Absolute Beginner Crochet Scarf

Are you just starting your crochet journey and happened to come across a skein of variegated yarn? This pattern is for you! You can make it as big and as long as you’d like.

This pattern is incredibly easy and simple, and it’s great for practicing double crochets. If you would like to watch the video tutorial, you can find it on her blog as well as YouTube.

Boardwalk Bag

This bag is perfect for those who would like how to learn to join rounds with a slip stitch and chain. It’s also perfect for using up four skeins (or 550 yards) of worsted weight yarn!

You can make the bag taller by repeating the rows until it reaches the size you’d like. Save some extra yarn to create handles, or reuse one of your old bag’s handles.

Snowy Crochet Ear Warmer

This pattern is great for beginners who are looking to crochet their first wearable. It has room for error and can be sized for any head.

This pattern is virtually effortless. It whips up in about 30 minutes and adds a little embellishment to make it extra adorable. 

Textured Crochet Throw

This blanket pattern is made up of two basic stitches: single crochets and double crochets modeled together in a way that creates an unique look. By the time you complete this blanket, you’ll know these stitches like the back of your hand.

It may seem complicated at first because this pattern uses those basic stitches to work up a different texture, but with repeated practice as you work on the blanket, they will become easier and effortless. If you’re a video learner, there is a YouTube video available to watch.

Big Beautiful Basket

Free video pattern by Jayda InStitches

This video pattern goes over how to create a large solid basket with all the yarn you’ve collected over time and haven’t got a clue what to use it for until now. She uses three different variegated yarns at once to create a stiff bag that holds up over time.

This great stash buster project is walked through step-by-step with detailed instructions. If you would like to purchase an ad-free PDF, you can find one on Etsy.

Hide Your Hair Slouchy Beanie

This beanie is great for teen or adult sized heads. It uses up exactly one skein of a 270 yarded medium weight (4) yarn when using an I or J hook.

If you need to make it bigger or add any additional designs, you’ll need an extra skein as well. There are some cute embellishment ideas offered at the bottom of the post!

Striped Cup Cozy

If you’re wanting to figure out your yarn’s color pooling/flashing/striping techniques, then this is the pattern for you. There are step by step instructions on how to discover the design without too much guesswork.

There are pictures and tips on how to make your yarn work for you to create this easy cozy. Make sure to read or at least skim through the entire pattern before you start!

Scrappy Granny Shawl

This shawl pattern is great for anyone who enjoys a bit of colorful chaos in their life (while also wanting to use up their multicolored yarn).

This pattern may be better suited for confident beginners, but as it is mainly one repeated stitch, it is easy to get the hang of.

Easy Log Cabin Afghan

At first glance, this pattern may seem confusing and weird, but that just adds to the uniqueness of this blanket. It involves rotating your work counterwise after a certain number of rows instead of turning it like normal.

In case you’re confused what that exactly means, there is a full explanation written inside of the pattern. The pattern is written for a throw blanket size, but she has added a graph for estimations for smaller and larger blankets.

Spill the Beans Easy Crochet Pillow

This pillow pattern is completely customizable and great as a stash buster. The bean stitch may seem daunting at first (maybe you’ve never heard of it!) but there are step-by-step written and picture instructions to follow along.

Once you have a handle on the bean stitch, it will become effortless. It can be made with any yarn, as you can repeat as many rows as you need in order to reach the size of your pillow.

Squid Dice Bag

This pattern is not for the faint of heart, but it is not complicated. As long as you’re confident with your skills, you’ll be able to make this drawstring bag without too much fuss! 

There are pictures to help you through the more complex areas of the bag. The larger the yarn, the larger the bag will be. The pattern uses light weight yarn, which whipped up a decent sized dice bag.