11 Easiest Ghost Free Crochet Patterns for Halloween (cute!)

Ghosts are a staple of Halloween. They’re one of the easiest costumes to make with those old sheets you have lying around (hopefully they’re clean!), and one of the scarier supernatural occurrences in shows and movies.

Many, many horror movies rely on ghosts and their supernatural powers to tell a scary story, so why not mix it up with some adorable crochet projects instead? Below is a list of mostly amigurumi that range from tiny ghosts to bigger ones (plus a few functional decoration pieces) to add some cuteness into your home.

Boop the Ghost

This palm-sized ghost is perfect for beginners. All it takes is a sphere, a little lip for the scalloped edge to be added, sewing two arms, and you’ve got yourself your very own ghost!

There are step-by-step photos to help you through the scalloped edging. Make sure not to skip the back loop only section of the pattern; it helps to add in the edging without any guesses!

Baby Ghost

Free video pattern by The Mary Jay

This step-by-step video shows you how to create a baby ghost out of chunky yarn. You could make the ghost even cuter and smaller by using a smaller yarn and hook.

At this time, there is no written pattern that I could find for this ghost. However, the video is detailed and walks you through every step in real time.

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Lollipop Ghost

These little lollipop (or lolly, sucker, or sticky-pop, depending on where you’re from) toppers are perfect party accessories. They’re cute, small, and reusable for other lollipops!

This pattern was created with small Dum-Dum-sized lollipops in mind. If you need to adjust them for larger suckers, you could try a bulkier yarn, a bigger hook, or a looser tension.

Howl, the Littlest Ghost

Howl is another super easy ghost. While he’s given the title of ‘the littlest ghost,’ his true size will depend on the yarn weight and hook size that you choose. The larger the supplies, the bigger he’ll be!

Not only is the pattern available on their website with helpful photos, but they also include a free YouTube tutorial as well as an ad-free PDF in their shop.

Red Heart Ghostly Candy Bowl

This bowl almost can’t get any easier. It’s perfect for last minute Halloween decorations, especially if you have bulky yarn on hand. The bigger the yarn, the quicker (and bigger) this bowl will come to life.

The ghosts and pumpkins are crocheted separately then sewn on, which means you can create as many as your heart desires! No color changing mid-row, and you can place the motifs wherever you’d like!

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This ghost is not only super cute, but quick and easy to create! The body and head are worked as one piece with the arms sewn on afterwards. The mouth and eyes are felt, but you could just as easily embroider a different expression on him.

This guy is great as a little Halloween doorstop. Fill him with a bag of poly pellets, or any item used for weighted toys, and you’ve got yourself a door holder. You won’t need to stand at the door and hold it open for every guest when this guy is there for you!

Zero Ghost Dog

I don’t think I’ve ever interacted with someone who doesn’t enjoy A Nightmare Before Christmas, so a pattern for Zero in this round-up is a must! Now everyone can have their own ghost dog companion during the holiday season.

It may seem complicated, and is one of the more time-consuming patterns in this list, but there are step-by-step photos of the assembly and helpful tidbits throughout to help you get through the pattern with smooth sailing. 

Mini Amigurumi Ghost Ornament

If you’re looking for cute, small, and quick ghosts, this pattern is the definition of adorable. It’s no-sew and works up in half an hour. You could make them in any color you desire.

If you use safety eyes instead of sewing on eyes, make sure you insert them before you sew up the ghost! If you don’t have sewable eyes, you can always embroider your own onto it.

Gregory the Ghost Kitty

This pattern may appear complicated, but it is quite easy. Since Gregory is a cat ghost, his ghostly sheet is part of his body, which makes him much easier to create. You can make his sheet and fur any color you’d like!

This pattern not only has helpful photos to follow, but it also includes a printer-friendly version if you like to print out your patterns. It also includes Gregory’s sweet little pumpkin buddy that he carries around with him.

Ghost with Balloon

This is another sweet, small, quick ghost pattern, but it has a special addition: a little balloon! Ghosts should be invited to parties, too, and this one can bring their own decorations.

It’s super easy to create, and you can style the balloon and ghost however you want. Maybe it’s a Frankenstein’s Monster ghost, or a cat ghost, or maybe it was a ghost caught in a spiderweb at some point. The limit is your imagination!

Oatley the Funny Ghost

This goofy guy works up in a few hours, which is a great project to work on if you’re trying not to watch a horror movie someone put on to get into a spooky mood. He may not appear amused, but you’ll have a blast working him into existence.

You don’t need to make him only orange and white, but you could add some extra color to make him a rainbow of colors. This pattern is available in both English and Russian, and it is available as a blog post and an Instagram post.