11 Easiest Crochet Water Bottle Holder Free Patterns!

Always feel like you forget your drink bottle places, or hate how scratched it gets with daily use? Never fear, you will love today’s post on water bottle holder patterns! These are super handy for carrying as well as protecting your favourite drink bottle, and they look stylish too.

They are mostly super easy to follow along and work up quickly too. You might like to use up some scrap yarn for these products, although cotton yarn is probably best so its extra durable and washable. These would be great for making for yourself, gifting to family or selling at markets. Enjoy making your very own water bottle holder!

1. What a Mesh Water Bottle

Free Pattern by Goddess Crochet

First up we have this lovely mesh design. It is of easy difficultly, with only simple stitches like double crochet included.

You may like to follow the pattern along with either the written form or crochet chart if you are experienced in reading those. This design can be finished in as little as one sitting, so why not make a few!

2. Freedom Water Bottle Holder

Free Pattern by Cotton Crochet Forever

Next we have the freedom water bottle holder, and look how cool these gradient yarn color schemes are! The name comes from the use of Abbey Road Freedom yarn, and it is such a treat to work with!

You might like to use a 4.25mm hook depending on your tension, so make sure to have that prepared. This pattern is also very beginner-friendly so make sure to give it a go.

3. Water Bottle Holder

Free Pattern by Crochet Dreamz

The designer of this pattern suggests that it is a great project for practicing basic stitches and construction. Drink bottle holders like these are super handy for going on walks or anytime really when you want your hands free!

The pattern is made to fit 500ml sized drink bottles, although you can easily cater for different sizes by adding rows.

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4. Star Stitch Bottle Holder

Free Pattern by CAAB Crochet

The star stitch on this water bottle design makes it look stunning as well as sturdy! The designer also has another pattern called the Peek-A-Boo Bottle Carrier linked on the page so you might like to check that out too.

There is a written, video and photo tutorial for you to follow along so this pattern is easily accessible to anyone that wants to make this practical project!

5. Willow River Water Bottle Holder

Free Pattern by Grandma Duck Designs

This lovely bottle holder when paired with the blue yarn makes me think if would be cute to bring these to the beach, or gift to a fan of The Little Mermaid!

Other good uses would be on leisurely/bush walks or to the park. The pattern is easy to follow and works up quickly through completely the bottom, sides and handle separately.

6. Lovely Water Bottle Holder

Free Pattern by Khuc Cay

These characters are adorable, you will love carrying your drink bottle around in them everyday! The majority of the pattern follows how to make the bunny, and you may find a modifications for making the bear at the end.

The pattern is beginner-friendly, and the little touches to the ears, facial expressions and tail (that you cannot see above) make this an adorable project to make sure children or for yourself!

7. Floral Water Bottle Holder

Free Pattern by Ash Rose Design

Next up we have a bottle holder with cute floral details! You will likely want at least two different colored yarns for this project so you can see the flowers contrast from the main body.

The flowers are also crocheted within the pattern and not separately as you might expect, which is very cool! The longest part of the project would probably be the shoulder strap as you want to make sure it is long enough!

8. Weekend Water Bottle Holder

Free Pattern by Universal Yarn

Here we have a design consisting of normal double crochets and V-stitches! The speckled yarn has an incredible effect here, although you can use whatever yarn is accessible to you of course.

The pattern is made for wider drink bottles as pictured, although you may like to simply work a few less rows to accomodate for your uniquely sized bottle.

9. Simple Scrappy Water Bottle Holder

Free Pattern by Stitches n Scraps

Make a dent in your scrap yarn stash with this project! Use whatever color and textured yarn of scraps you like, just change when you run out!

The difficulty level is easy for this one, and you do not need to follow a gauge as you are simply making it to fit your drink bottle.

10. Hydrate!

Free Pattern by Dandelion Dreamers

This pattern is available as a downloadable pdf and it is super easy to follow! You might like to crochet the strap long enough just to swing over your shoulder, or a a little longer so that it fits cross body.

You will only want roughly want one skein of yarn and a 3.75mm hook for this project, so make sure to have those prepared.

11. Boho Water Bottle Holder

Free Pattern by Premier

Finally, we have this gorgeous boho style drink bottle holder! I love the tassels and how they cinch round the drink bottle at the top.

This pattern does have a specific gauge to achieve the 3.75 inches width and 7.5 inches height, although you may customise this to fit your very own drink bottle. Enjoy!