11 Adorable Free and Easy Crochet Squirrel Patterns

Look! Squirrels! These chittering creatures are naturally found everywhere besides Australia and Antarctica.

If you’ve seen squirrels in Australia, you must have visited a zoo or discovered an escapee population. They haven’t settled well in that part of the world, but they’re hardy creatures.

Squirrels are symbols of autumn and the coming of colder weather. They’re bundles of energy with mesmerizing tails that flick this way and that to communicate with everything and everyone.

Why not add that type of charm into your home this season?

Below are a list of squirrel patterns including amigurumi and squares that could be used for anything! Acorns are included in some of these patterns as a little treat for your critter.

Hygge Squirrel

Free pattern by Hooked by Kati here!

This cozy squirrel is made up of basic stitches and involves some color changing. It’s perfect for practicing mid-row color changing, but if you would rather not deal with any of that, you could easily crochet it in a solid color.

The tail could be made more like a real squirrel’s tail using fuzzy yarn (just like in the pattern), or you could crochet it like normal and use a wire pet brush to fluff it up.

If you do use a brush on the tail, please note it will damage the yarn and become less sturdy, making it more ideal for display pieces.

Baby Squirrel in an Acorn

Free pattern by Sweet Softies here!

While this pattern is classified as intermediate due to its small size (since sewing small pieces can be a nightmare sometimes!), it is still a fairly easy pattern. You could up the yarn and hook size to make it larger and easier to see!

The acorn box pattern is a separate pattern that pairs super well with this little squirrel.

If you use a bigger yarn with the squirrel, you will need to make sure you size up the yarn and hook with this acorn pattern as well so the little squirrel will still be able to fit inside!

Amigurumi Squirrel

Free pattern by Stella’s Yarn Universe here!

Another small squirrel pattern that works up just as easily as the one above. It’s super cute; the way those little paws are sewn onto the front of the little chest is just so precious!

Not only does it have a written pattern, but there is a 3-part YouTube tutorial embedded in the pattern’s post if you’d rather watch a video.

Squirrel + Acorn

Free video pattern by Complicated Knots here!

You can’t have a round-up of squirrel patterns without a chunky squirrel with chubby cheeks! Look how sweet this little guy is.

The cheeks are optional, but they are definitely a super cute and unique addition to your amigurumi. There’s also a pattern for a small acorn included.

If you wish to print out a handy written pattern, you can find it on Etsy.

Tapestry Crochet Squirrel Potholder

Free pattern by Raffamusa Designs here!

Tapestry crochet is just a way of describing single crochets in a square or rectangle (or a different shape if you’re feeling extra fancy) with color changes to create a design without having to worry about embroidering.

It may seem complicated, but the technique is fairly straightforward. Go ahead and practice it with this sweet squirrel potholder!

If you’re looking for ad-free PDFs (which also include a color graph for your convenience), there are links to your favorite craft sites in the post.

Squirrel Blanket Square

Free pattern by E’Claire Makery here!

Part of the Harvest Blanket pattern, this squirrel square is great as a standalone for anything from a coaster, potholder, or even as an addition to another project.

You can create this square using the suggested C2C method, or you can use single crochets instead.

If you’re unfamiliar with Corner to Corner (C2C) patterns, you can read Make and Do Crew’s blog post or you can watch their C2C YouTube tutorial.

C2C may take a little bit to get used to, but the stitch is super easy and fun once you understand the technique!

Ace the Tiny Squirrel

Free pattern by Amigurumi To Go here!

Another tiny squirrel to add to the list! This one uses the wire brush technique to brush out the yarn strands and fluff out the tail to make it look more like a real squirrel’s.

You can also watch the YouTube tutorials (part 1 and part 2) if you would rather work in real time along with the creator.

Squirrel Appliqué

Free pattern by Kerri’s Crochet here!

This appliqué is great for embellishing blankets, towels, clothing, and more. The written pattern is straightforward and easy to follow.

There are pictures throughout to help with the more complicated parts. If you would rather watch a YouTube tutorial, you can find one here.

Squirrel Keychain

Free pattern by The Sun and the Turtle here

This little round guy is perfect for keychains! The body is crocheted while the feet, arms, and eyes are felt.

This squirrel is a companion to Squirrel Girl, which is another free squirrel-inspired pattern by the same designer!

It is a doll, which might be challenging for beginners due to the shaping techniques and sewing aspects of it. If you wish to challenge yourself, you should try to make her!

Rag Doll Squirrel

Free pattern by A Stitch Whimsy here!

This quirky yet super cute ragdoll-esque squirrel is perfect for little ones who enjoy watching these critters run up and down trees. You can choose how much stuffing you’d like inside of it to create a flatter or squishier doll.

Squirrel C2C Square

Free pattern by My Hobby is Crochet here!

This super cute squirrel C2C square is part of this Wildlife Graphghan. While it is associated with that blanket, you can still crochet this square and use it for other projects.

It could be the end of a towel, an edge of a blanket, a small part of a cardigan, or it could even be a small tapestry that you hang on the wall. The options are limitless!