11 Adorable Flower Coaster Free Crochet Patterns

What better way to decorate your table setting than with crochet flower coasters?! They are practical, colourful and best of all- fun to make yourself!

There are so many designs out there and I am just showcasing a few here. Feel free to experiment with a variety of different types of flowers and colours to create you dream set of coasters.

Cotton yarn would work best to crochet with here as it is washable, for when drinks often spill that ring on the surface they are sat on. Aside from the use of a coaster, any of these would make beautiful general house decorations. I hope you enjoy!

1. Beginner-Friendly Daisy Flower Coaster

Free Pattern by HayHay Crochet

This pattern is so easy and beginner-friendly that it is even in the title! They are worked up in just 9 rounds, with one colour change in between. Stick to colours white and yellow to create the daisy design, or branch out to colours that suit you!

2. Spring Flower Coaster

Free Pattern by Posh Pooch Designs

These flower coasters look so interesting with the multiple layers, you are bound to get compliments from house guests! This pattern is super simple and works up adorably.

There is also a handy video tutorial for those of you that are more visual learners, as well as the written pattern for free on the website or a paid pdf.

3. Starry Flower Coaster

Free Pattern by The Lazy Hobbyhopper

There are 6 rows involves with this pattern, each comprising of different combinations of simple stitches to keep you engaged! The design kind of reminds me of fireworks which I love!

This coaster looks create in multi-colours and help with the tutorial for learning purposes, so you could choose your own various colours or use only one.

4. Sunflower Coaster

Free Pattern by Stitch by Fay

Who doesn’t love sunflowers, especially when they are crocheted into coasters! There are a few special stitches involved such as popcorn stitch and picot, so they would be fun to learn and use in this project.

Blocking works well to shape these coasters even better when you are done, but it isn’t neccessary.

5. Jasmine Stitch Flower Coaster

Free Pattern by Ichigo Crochet

Jasmine stitch has got to be one of my favourite stitches, and it looks so good when implemented into this coaster pattern! This pattern is in the form of a Youtube video, shown is Japanese and English.

If you are a little rusty or just learning jasmine stitch, I have a tutorial of mine to help you understand the basics before trying this pattern, available here!

6. Flower Coaster

Free Pattern by Atty*s

The colours and design of these coasters are so bright and fun, you can’t help but smile! These pastel colours are great for Easter and Spring alike, or use whatever you like to suit your theme or season.

The pattern is presented in chart, written and image form so all bases are covered. That makes this a very beginner-friendly and practical project.

7. Flower Coaster/Scrubby Duo

Free Pattern by JolieKnots Crochet

Who doesn’t love a two-in-one pattern? This one can be a coaster as well as a scrubby! Cotton yarn is recommended here as it is washable, durable and readily available in so many colours.

What’s nice about this project is that the designer so helpfully included YouTube tutorials for both right and left handers!

8. Flower Coaster

Free Pattern by Maria’s Blue Crayon

I love the texture of these coasters! The stitch is called modified popcorn stitch and the designer shows how to do it in the pattern.

Two colours make a super cute design for these, although one colour would work just as well. Have fun making your own set of unique coasters!

9. Daisy Flower Coaster

Free Pattern by marifu6a

Although this looks like it just involves a simple round shape, the different stitches and colour changes create a lovely daisy flower in the middle!

This pattern works as a great coaster, but the designer suggests it could also be used as a motif on clothes as well.

10. Flower Ruffle Coasters

Free Pattern by Traverse Bay

The design of these coasters is so cool in that they are not completely flat! The ruffled petals look adorable wrapped around your cup.

They work up to be about 5.5 inches wide, depending on your gauge of course. Here is the written pattern, although the designer has a video tutorial as well which is linked on the website.

11. Flower Blossom Coaster

Free Pattern by The Purple Poncho

These coasters also remind me of fireworks which is love! The shape is very unique, and colour changes look amazing if included like they are here.

The pattern is worked in only 6 rounds so it makes a quick project. These could also be used as a face scrubby, and the designer also has a pattern for a cloth which could be matched together!