10 Free Crochet Dragon Patterns in 2024 (with Step-by-Step photos!)

Plushies make such a fun crochet project, especially dragons! There’s heaps of room to play around with colours to make the perfect little friend for yourself, kid or as a gift. They can be made fruit themed like in a pattern below, all one colour, matching to your favourite fantasy dragon character or make it completely your own.

The eyes can be sewed on using a French knot, stitched to your liking, or attached with plastic safety eyes. Your dragon can also be as big you like depending on the weight of yarn you use so it can be a small little desk toy with 4ply yarn or large toy with chunky yarn, how cute is that.

Now, you must be desperate to get hold of your next dream project! So let’s get into this roundup post on 10 free dragon patterns, most of which with step-by-step photos so you can make them as easily as possible.

Crocheted Dragon

Free Pattern by 5 Little Monsters

This pattern is written to make a 10 inch dragon, and parts are crocheted separately to be sewn together later on. There are instructions that are a little intricate, like the wing assembly, but there are extra photos to hopefully make this easier for you! The pattern is clearly written with each round, beginning with the magic ring, and works up quite quickly, another big plus. If you like the dragon, the designer also has made dinosaurs by using the same base pattern.

Dragon Dice Bag

Free Pattern by Ginger Kitten Crochet

How cool is this pattern?! Not only is it cute, but practical as well with the drawstring pouch. It could be used to store dice as the title suggests, like for Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) or something completely different! I’m thinking it would make a neat pouch for scrap yarn. This pattern is again written round by round and has images of various angles to make things easier! There are some fiddly parts like crocheting the spikes separately but it all comes together awesomely in the end. Also popcorn stitch might be a new stitch for some, but the designer has included a mini how-to, or various tutorials online will eventually make this stitch a breeze for you!

Zodiac Dragon

Free Pattern by Anvi’s Granny

This dragon is so cute, and the colour scheme kind of reminds me of an old video game character Spyro! The pattern uses slightly unconventional abbreviations for stitches, but you are sure to become familiar with them quickly. The dragon is again crocheted in parts, with final details such as the embroidered mouth and black stripes. The designer has also included a video tutorial for the visual learners out there!

Charlie the Celestial Dragon

Free Pattern by Hooked by Kati

I almost can’t believe this dragon is crocheted, but it is and you can make one too! The pattern is pretty lengthy so you may want to consider this a longer term project. It also involves short rounds which may be tricky, but the designer attaches links to instructional photos and video tutorials to help! Overall this project makes a super eye-catching dragon, I think the twisted body looks super effective! Another thing is that the designer talks about how the celestial dragon, also known as the Chinese or Eastern dragon, is a symbol for prosperity, so the meaning behind this plushie is special!

Wonder the Birthday Dragon

Free Pattern by Hooked by Kati

Okay, but how cute would this be as a birthday gift for a dragon lover! I love how the body wraps around the cupcake and the candle is such an adorable touch! This is an advanced pattern, where the designer lists it for free but offers a step-by-step guide with support for an extra cost. The body is probably the longest part to work up and there is a few complicated stitches involved, but I hope you give this dragon plushie pattern a go!

Dragon (Fruit)

Free Pattern by Skein Spider

You can do themed dragons like I mentioned before, and fruit makes a lovely idea! This pattern is in video form so perfect for visual learners, although the written pattern is displayed throughout if you just wanted to follow that. This pattern is designed to be small, beginner-friendly and great for using up scrap yarn, so if that appeals to you be sure to make this pattern!

Philip the Dragon

Free Pattern by The Left-Handed Crocheter

I think this dragon looks so sweet the way it sits up! The dragon is worked in the round and then sewed together, also the tail is crocheted around a pipe cleaner which is an interesting take! There are quite a few photos showing different steps that are super helpful. This pattern is part of a fairytale series by the designer, so why stop at the dragon when you could go on to make the whole collection!

POOF the Magic Dragon

Free Pattern by Tretroll

I could see Poof making a lovely kids toy! When finished it stands about 18cm tall, so a pretty decent size. The pattern is written simply, so I believe targeted at a more beginner audience. It requires 9mm safety eyes but really you could use any size or embroider them on instead. The most tricky stitch involved may be the bobble stitch, which the designer has attached photos showing how to complete the stitch step-by-step! Various photos of the plushie itself are also added.

Dragon Amigurumi

Free Pattern by Ami Amour

This dragon pattern includes a breath of fire as well! It is an easy/intermediate project, with very clear instructions in the form of all written, video tutorial and step-by-step photos! The photos are super helpful in showing how to make the wings and fire parts. This pattern is adapted from the designer’s dinosaur pattern so you could have a go at that one too!

Crochet Dragon

Free Pattern by StringyDingDing

Last but not least, a pattern for these little dragons! It is described as an easy project, with the designer including various photos for most steps of the way. You can view the free pattern online or grab a pdf copy, both are very detailed though. There are also optional parts such as teeth (as seen in a photo on the site) and cute eyes, both would make cute features if you decide to add them!