10 Easiest Open Crochet Stitches (Lacy and Breathable!)

Open stitches are not only fun to crochet but are light, quick, and do not use too much yarn! I have compiled a couple here that walk you through how to crochet a small square so you get the idea. At the end I also included some project ideas. Some include a scarf if you are after a breathable one if you want it for style rather than warmth. Another is a cloth, which as a very versatile design as it could also be a coaster!

Lacy designs can involve so many interesting stitches and combinations of them. You can also play around with the colours, like with the gradient design below, to create really cool effects! What you decide to do with these stitches is in your hands. I hope you enjoy these patterns and that they allow you to get creative!

Lacy Stitch

Free Pattern by Meladora’s Creations

Here we have a simple design that you can learn in written or video forms. The videos are even split up to cater for both right and left handers. There is freedom with yarn weights, as long as you have a suitable hook! This would be a beginner pattern as only basic stitches like simple and double crochet are used. There are plenty of images throughout so you are bound to have this down pat in no time. I imagine this stitch when using soft yarn would make a lovely lightweight scarf!

Lacy Love Knots Stitch

Free Pattern by Claire Olivia Golden

This pattern incorporates love knots to create the lacy effect and doesn’t it cute, especially when paired with pink yarn like above! Make sure you use yarn appropriate for your hook, and get started! There are simply written descriptions as well as images for every step of the way. I like how extra details to cater for beginners are included, like explaining multiples of chains with an additional turning chain. T little sentences of encouragement throughout are cute too, be sure to check this one out!

Seven Wonders Lacy Stitch

Free Pattern by crochetpedia

This pattern has so much included! It is presented in different modes such as through photos, video, chart and written so really caters for everyone. The designer also offers ideas for different colour palettes and they all look incredible, my favourite would have to be the pastel one, or you could go for one solid colour. This pattern is perfect for beginners because of the simple stitches used and just how clear the instructions are. I would like to see this as a table runner project of sorts!

Eiffel Tower Stitch

Free Pattern by Desert Blossom Crafts

How cool is this stitch?! It really looks like there are little Eiffel towers crocheted on each row. Any colour yarn would be cute here although the grey mimics the shade of a building. I would say this is an intermediate project as some of the stitch combinations seem a little complicated by the look of the written part. Rows 1-7 are well written, and then the pattern is just about repeating them from there! Someone a fan of France would love this design, or anyone really.

Egg Shells

Free Pattern by Lacy Crochet

This pattern is said to be perfect for beginners. The only stitches involved are chains, skips and double crochet, how good is that! And you just need to repeat from row 2. The design certainly lives up to its name, egg shells! You could incorporate it in many projects, like maybe a market bag or table mat. Different colours could be used for each row to create in interesting design, or plain is good too!

Open Shell Stitch

Free Pattern by Crochet ‘n’ Create

I think this stitch looks most effective from its done in at least two colours, so you can distinguish between the rows to see the cool pattern they make! I imagine rainbow colours would looks great. The designer has it available in both UK and US terms which is super handy. The pattern is short and sweet, with only two rows to remember and repeat.

Open Basketweave Granny Square

Free Pattern by Crochet Hello

Depending on what yarn is used, this pattern would be great for projects such as hand towels or face washers! It is beginner friendly, although would need to know about working in the round and post stitches. A larger hook size of 5.5mm is used so would work up fairly quickly. The amount of and what stitches you should have are listed at the end of each row to help you keep track. The finished size is about 9 x 9 inches, although you could keep going for a larger piece and then add the border.

Lightly Lacy Baby Blanket

Free Pattern by Stitching Together

I think everyone needs a light blanket like this in their house! Perfect for draping over a bed or cuddling up on the couch with during a somewhat cold day. The designer describes it as ‘neither too fancy nor too plain’, which is a perfect summary. This pattern is recommended for more intermediate-advanced crocheters, as you have got to be careful with tension especially when working blankets and it is also something to work on for a long period. It is available for free on the designer’s website which I have attached the link for or ad-free on their Ravelry.

Scarf with Open Lace Stitch

Free Pattern by Olga Poltava

Here is a lovely scarf design, presented in a video tutorial for those who are very much visual learners! Only basic stitches are used and this pattern could be versatile, like made as a table runner for example! It is simpler than the image may seem, and despite it working up to about 56 inches long only about 1 skein of yarn is needed.

Open Ridge Cloth

Free Pattern by Postcard from Waterloo

I love the look of this stitch as washcloths! Or when made smaller they could be used for coasters as the designer shows, or endless other ideas. Depending how big you make them, less than a skein of yarn is needed to make one cloth. Cotton yarn would work best here as it is durable and easily washable!