9+ Easiest Crochet Flower Patterns in 2024 (for beginners!)

Crochet flowers are an excellent project for beginners since they are quick, easy, and fun to make! They allow for many variations as flowers come in any size, shape, and color. They also use up very small amounts of yarn, making crochet flowers great stash busting projects. 

Since the patterns are small, you can learn lots of different techniques by testing out different patterns. Some call for fundamental crochet stitches like the single crochet, half-double crochet, and double crochet, while other patterns are more complex with their own stitches and multiple layers of petals to make!

Once you’ve completed a couple flowers, you will find that they are super versatile! You can crochet a bouquet, embellish a hat or bag, make a wreath for your door, transform them into granny squares, and so much more. The possibilities are endless!

So, check out these 10 free crochet patterns, ordered simplest to most complex, for some beautiful crochet flowers and different ways to use them:

1) Easy Crochet Flower — B.Hooked 

Easy Crochet Flower — B.Hooked

This easy crochet flower pattern is perfect for absolute beginners. The pattern uses just four stitches—chains, single crochet, slip stitches, and treble crochets. One flower takes minutes to make and a couple scraps of yarn! These little flowers are perfect when you need an accent for a project, like a hat or a bag. 

Click the link here for the free pattern!

2) Puff Flower — Bella Coco Crochet

Puff Flower — Bella Coco Crochet

Next up is the puff flower! Puff flowers are another classic way to add some extra embellishments to your projects. You can also make a lot of them to join into a handbag or cozy blanket. This tutorial also keeps it simple, using only four stitches: chains, slip stitches, double crochet, and double treble crochet stitches. But, you can add your own personal style by mixing and matching your favorite colors!

Click the link here for the free pattern!

3) Large Crochet Flower — Daisy Cottage Designs

3) Large Crochet Flower — Daisy Cottage Designs

Looking to make something a little bigger? Check out this flower applique by Daisy Cottage Designs! This large crochet flower has 3 layers, giving the piece a beautiful 3D effect. Again, there are so many different ways to use crochet flowers like this one! You could attach one to a headband, create some springtime bookmarks, or decorate with floral garlands.

Click the link here for the free pattern!

4) Crochet Rose — Notikaland

Crochet Rose — Notikaland

Getting bored of just one color? Why not make your flowers multi-colored? This video tutorial by Notikaland guides you through creating colorful crochet roses. The technique is super simple and similar to the one used to make the Large Crochet Flower above. These flowers, however, have an embellishment at the center. Notikaland adds pearls to the center of her roses, but you can sew on any kind of button or bead you like!

Click the link here for the free pattern!

5) Marguerite Daisy Flower — Pora Pora Crochet

Marguerite Daisy Flower — Pora Pora Crochet

These beautiful and simple crochet Marguerite Daisies are fun and easy to make! Great for beginners, this pattern is available on YouTube, so you can watch each step, pause as needed, and rewind as many times as you’d like! Pora Pora Crochet recommends attaching these daisies to hats, ear warmers, and  headbands, as well as using them as home decor.

Click the link here for the free pattern!

6) Blooming Crochet Flowers & Leaves — Annie Design Crochet

Blooming Crochet Flowers & Leaves — Annie Design Crochet

These blooming flowers are a fun way to incorporate more texture and color into your floral appliques! Beautiful on their own, as a pin, or strung together on a garland, these flowers are perfect for adding a pop of color to any room or any outfit! They can be worked up quickly with yarn scraps, making them a great stashbusting project too. 

Click the link here for the free pattern!

7) Spring Tulips — Happy Berry

Spring Tulips — Happy Berry

These crochet tulips are a great choice for any amigurumi fans out there! They are super simple to make and look beautiful as a bouquet. Make a bunch of them to display together or just one to gift to the tulip-lover in your life. Tulips grow in a variety of gorgeous colors, like pink, red, yellow, white, and orange, so have fun making lots of different varieties!

Click the link here for the free pattern!

8) Daisy Chain — Ophelia Talks Crochet

Daisy Chain — Ophelia Talks Crochet

This playful pattern mimics the classic daisy chain—a string of daisies threaded together by their stems! Perfect for the springtime, this garland pattern turns your crocheted daisy flowers into a delightful daisy chain. This piece is super versatile too! Use your daisy chain to decorate your bedroom, accent your outfit, or give as a gift to a friend.

Click the link here for the free pattern!

9) Sunflower Bouquet — Krawka

Sunflower Bouquet — Krawka

Check out this gorgeous crochet sunflower bouquet! Sunflowers are some of my favorites. Did you know that young sunflowers always face the sun? Unfortunately, these beautiful crochet blooms will not track the sun, but they will stay fresh all year round, enabling you to enjoy them at any time, regardless of the season. 

Click the link here for the free pattern!

10) Crochet Flower Pot — Sewrella

Crochet Flower Pot — Sewrella

Looking to spruce up the decor in your home or office? Plants and flowers are a great way to freshen up a space, but stylish pots are expensive and living plants can be difficult to keep alive. This pattern for a crochet flower pot, complete with instructions for the flowers and pot, could be the solution for you. Perfect for a mother’s day gift, this pattern guides you through each step of the process, from crocheting the pieces to joining them together at the end!

Click the link here for the free pattern!

I hope you enjoyed these 10 easy crochet flower patterns, perfect for beginners! If you’ve ever wondered how to crochet a flower and wanted to learn how, these patterns will teach you everything you need to know and more. Spring is right around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to start crocheting a new flower pattern!