10 Easiest Amigurumi Patterns in 2022 (With Step by Step Photos)

Getting the hang of amigurumi for complete beginners is definitely a little tricky, but after teaching myself to crochet amigurumi a year ago, I’m here to tell you about the easiest amigurumi patterns for beginners!

These projects are the ones that I used in the very beginning to learn to make amigurumi, and all include clear, step by step photos, and sometimes videos, which are the most beneficial to beginners. If you follow them all consecutively, then you will have achieved amigurumi enlightenment! (Just kidding, kind of.)

I’ve also taken all the guesswork out of it for you and compiled a list of all my most used crochet supplies, and ones that I would personally recommend! Check it out here!

1. Amigurumi whale

Amigurumi whales are the classic beginner project, because they are made of simple balls with a few extra parts worked in the round to create the fins and tail. This exact video was my first beginner project, and it was incredibly helpful to me because it boosted my confidence and gave me a quick win so that I felt motivated to continue crocheting!

This video tutorial includes step by step instructions for complete beginners, so although it’s recommended to know the basics (magic ring, single crochet, increase/decrease), the tutorial will show all the steps on screen without fast forwarding so that you can review them.

For a list of the complete basic skills of amigurumi along with video tutorials for each, read my blog post here.

This tutorial is also accompanied by a written pattern, so if you want to practice reading a written pattern so that you can follow those later on, it’s a great video for that as well.

Stuck on what kind of yarn to get? Check out my blog post on my nine favorite yarns for amigurumi — with tons of examples for each yarn!

If you can’t see the video below, try turning off ad-block for my website and then refresh the page.

2. Amigurumi totoro

Another adorable ball shaped amigurumi is this cute totoro, which is also extremely basic but includes a few extra elements like the white belly and arms that step it up a little from the amigurumi whale.

This was the second amigurumi that I made, and this video tutorial helped me so much because it guides you through all the basic steps so that you don’t miss anything. The extra elements are a great challenge if you’ve already made a whale, and will help build your confidence towards making larger amigurumi with limbs!

I love how adorable this totoro is and the video also includes written instructions in captions so that you can get used to crochet abbreviations that are commonly used in patterns.

3. Baby octopus

These adorable baby octopi are super cute and insanely easy. If you can make a ball, you can make these octopi! Rebecca at Baby Cakes Studios includes detailed step by step instructions to make the bottom part of these little sea critters, so it’s an extremely beginner friendly pattern. The best part is that you can make them in rainbow colors or even make them in white to transform them into “Octo-Ghosts”!

Pattern by Baby Cakes Studios here

4. Spring chicks

These super cute, rotund spring chicks are the perfect quick project for spring. They’re mainly made from a super chubby ball base and just have two extra wings and a beak to sew on that are also worked in the round so that you don’t have to learn any new skills. They’re completely adorable and and amazing beginner friendly project to build your confidence. You can whip up a whole roost of these in no time at all!

Pattern by A Menagerie of Stitches here

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5. Bubble tea

Amigurumi foods are some of the most fun projects to make out there, and this tiny bubble tea drink is no exception. Each piece is worked in the round, so if you’ve made any kind of ball shaped amigurumi, then you can make this! The boba pearls are created with small rounds of felt, but you can also customize this drink to be your favorite Starbucks order. Mocha latte, anyone?

Pattern by Little World of Whimsy here

6. Mini succulent

I love house plants as much as the next person, but I can’t keep them alive to save my life. The solution is simple — crochet an adorable tiny houseplant that will always keep you company! This beginner friendly pattern uses a few techniques for confident beginners like front loop only and back loop only, but apart from that, this pattern is a breeze.

Pattern by A Menagerie of Stitches here: https://www.amenagerieofstitches.com/collections/patterns/products/crochet-pattern-succulent-pdf-amigurumi-pattern

7. Easy peasy mini turtles

These adorable mini turtles from Jenn at Croochet are so cute! The intricate pattern on their shells is just made through a couple of embroidery stitches, but it makes this pattern look way harder than it actually is. A bit more sewing is required for this project (four legs, a head, and the shell to the bottom), but overall it’s a super quick make and you won’t be able to resist making a whole family of them.

Free pattern by Croochet here

8. Gerald the giraffe

This super cuddle-friendly giraffe is a super fun and beginner friendly amigurumi to make! Although it has a lot of extra parts, they’re all worked in the round and aren’t functionally different to make than a ball. This pattern requires a little extra patience, but it’ll be so worth it in the end when you can cuddle your chubby giraffe. The heart shaped spots are such a cute touch!

Pattern by Storyland Amis here

9. Ellie the bunny

Everyone, this was my first amigurumi doll that had full on limbs. Ellie the bunny is so precious and her tiny dress makes her look so cute and innocent! The basic bunny shape is fairly straightforward but is a great option for a first amigurumi with legs and arms, and the dress is an optional add on if you want an extra challenge. You can make this bunny in a whole range of colors, from natural whites and grays to pinks and blues! A timeless, heirloom pattern that you and your children will cherish.

Pattern by Hello Lady Ellie here

10. Berry the bear

Teddy bears are the absolute classic stuffed toy, and this pattern by Khuc Cay is to die for. This is a great opportunity to practice simple color changes to give him cute outfits, and also to get more comfortable with connecting legs and sewing on limbs. The little neck ruffle is an optional add on if you aren’t familiar with double crochets yet, but it’s also a great opportunity to pick up that skill as well.

I hope you enjoyed that round up of the easiest amigurumi patterns for beginners! If you enjoyed this, check out another round up I made recently of the best amigurumi teddy bear patterns, as well as the best amigurumi doll patterns!

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