10 Best Crochet Patchwork Blanket Patterns in 2024 (For Beginners!)

Patchwork blankets may look intimidating, but they might be some of the most simple and repetitive crochet projects to make. Often, these projects involve making a large amount of small pieces that might be square or hexagonal in shape.

However, that doesn’t mean that these projects are boring! Because the pattern for each component of the blanket is often the same, this is a huge chance to use your creativity to find a unique color scheme that just screams you.

There are so many options for patchwork blankets that you can go from super easy and mindless to incredibly intricate (and time consuming!). I’ll give you a whole rundown here of each pattern that I’ve chosen from designers I love, beginning with the easier ones.

The best thing about these blankets is that they’re often completely customizable in terms of color scheme and also size — just make as many or few blocks as you like.

If you’re interested in learning about how long it takes to crochet a blanket, I wrote a whole blog post (with lots of charts!) here.

1. Modern Granny Square Afghan

Free pattern by TL Yarn Crafts here!

Granny squares are so classic and one of the most basic building blocks of crochet. However, Toni and TL Yarn Crafts’ cute baby blanket pattern manages to make this timeless motif pop with a fun color scheme and adorable border.

Her patterns are truly incredible in terms of attention to detail, and she includes a super easy to follow color chart and a tutorial video!

This is a beautiful and easy way to make a simple patchwork blanket without too much fuss, with as much or little customization as you like.

2. Hexie Love Actually Blanket

Another beautiful patchwork blanket that can be as hard or easy as you want is the whimsically named Hexie Love Actually Blanket. This gorgeous patchwork blanket is made of hexagons, and the color scheme can be as varied or simplistic as you wish.

This beautiful sample by Bonnie at Green Letter Day uses muted greens, but you can also just use tonal variations of the same color or even a combination of three or more.

Hexagons are almost as easy as squares to crochet, but look incredible impressive when finished — my kind of project!

3. Origami Blanket

This incredibly popular pattern by Kirsten over at Haak Maar Raak has taken the internet by storm. Her beautiful design is reminiscent of squares of origami paper, along with beautiful eyelets along the diagonals.

This is an easy beginner friendly pattern that is mainly composed of double crochets, which also helps each square go by faster.

But the absolute best part about this pattern is that not only has Kirsten created two beautifully color coded charts on how to make the exact same design in her photos, but she also has created four different color palettes from Scheepjes yarn so that there’s no guesswork at all in where to get the best yarn for this blanket!

I love patterns where I can make exactly what’s in the pictures, and with this detailed design and extra help that truly goes above and beyond, you’re sure to have a good experience.

4. Mia Granny Square Blanket

Next on this beautiful list of patchwork patterns is this puff stitch granny square blanket. Since this pattern uses puff stitches, it’s a small step past the basic double crochet options that I’ve covered above.

But puffs stitches aren’t very complicated and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to make this beautiful blanket that includes wonderful pops of color in the middle. The best part of this blanket is that it’s the ultimate stash buster and looks absolutely amazing no matter what colors you throw in the middle as long as the borders are the same color.

So go forth and puff stitch with no fear!

5. Vintage Teddy Bear Baby Blanket

For a more whimsical patchwork blanket, this adorable vintage style baby blanket is absolutely to die for. I absolutely love Dragana’s patterns because of the detailed, step by step photo tutorials (a staggering 120 photos for this pattern!) she always provides, so I’m confident that this pattern would be accessible even for those who have never made a blanket like this.

This patchwork blanket would be perfect for a baby shower or a precious grandchild, and you can customize the accent color to whatever you like.

I’m completely smitten by this pattern and have been promising myself that I’ll make it one of these days!

6. Lazy Summer Day Pattern

For a more floral motif, this beautiful and delicate blanket is perfect for a warmer day or as a baby blanket.

The main pastel color can be altered to whatever you may prefer, and the small flower sections are a perfect opportunity to stashbust.

This blanket uses some more advanced techniques, but is still a great challenge for a confident beginner.

7. Guess How Much I Love You Baby Blanket

Another beautiful floral patchwork blanket, this one has statement flowers on each square. Although it may seem complicated, it just involves a simple front loop only technique to get the flower to stand out!

This blanket is so sweet and picking a simple three color color scheme is the perfect way to get amazing results.

8. Little Lion Baby Blanket

I couldn’t make this list without this oh so cute lion motif baby blanket! This blanket design alternates the cutest lions ever with tiny suns. It also largely uses the granny stripe stitch, which means that each square will work up a little faster.

Though this blanket uses a variety of techniques, it’s a great project for an intermediate crocheter and is sure to put a giant smile on any child’s face!

9. Citrus Squares Blanket Crochet Pattern

The only food themed patchwork blanket on this list, this elegant and chic lemon themed blanket combines squares of lace with ones that have a super cute lemon on them.

This blanket is deceptively easy, since it uses mostly double crochets. The leaves are appliquéd on top, so if you’re sewing averse, this pattern might not be for you.

This blanket could also be customized to be oranges or strawberries — or all three. I love the classic color scheme of white and yellow, but feel free to switch it up if you want!

10. The Honeymilk Throw Crochet Pattern

The last pattern on this list is this classic and sophisticated design by Darling J’Adore. This blanket uses two motifs (shown left) that are alternated to create an intricate and unique design. Made in all white, this blanket is beautifully chic, but as always, you can switch up the colors for every other block if you wish!

I hope you enjoyed this round up!