10 Beginner Friendly Crochet Shorts Patterns (Easy and Fun!)

Crochet shorts make a cute and fun item to add to your outfit, especially going into warmer weather! They can be super versatile too, like you could use a lightweight cotton yarn for a breathable fit to wear at the beach or wool that would be better at keeping your legs warm. These shorts could even be worn all year round if you wanted to try them with leggings underneath during colder months.

Shorts are super versatile to make, as you can also easily branch away from these patterns and create your own textures with different stitches, adjust the length and play around with the type of drawstring or belt you want! Most of these use a drawstring made of single chain, but I’m a big fan of the rope used in the first pattern below!

Not to mention colours, the colour combinations are endless from striped, rainbow, plain or whatever takes your fancy! You will have a pair of shorts in all shades in no time, I know I have gone overboard in creating my wardrobe.

Now, let’s get into this roundup of shorts patterns!

Wide Leg Crochet Shorts

Free Pattern by KnitcroAddict

How cute are these shorts?! And I love how the yarn creates a linen texture here. The loose fit makes them comfy for lounging around home, or you can show them off during a nice Autumn/Summer’s day, or all year round really! The rope belt is super effective-looking, although the belt holes implemented in the pattern allow for any type. The stitch counts for different sizes are also clear. The pattern is beginner friendly, written in a way that’s simple to understand with plenty of pictures.

Everyday Shorts

Free Pattern by Mia Designs

This basic design is sure to be a favourite to crochet as well as wear ‘everyday’! The pattern may take a while to work up as low yarn ply and crochet hook size are used, but will be worth it in the end! Mainly beginner stitches are used and the pattern is easy to read with little worded descriptions to help you along.

Staycation Shorts

Free Pattern by Heart Hook Home

These crochet pants even look comfy, I can’t imagine how they would be wearing them! The pattern caters for many sizes and easy to follow along as it is written row by row. It is also extremely detailed in showing you how to sew up which we love to see, using mattress stitch where the designer attaches a helpful tutorial for those who don’t know! The drawstring is made using shoe lace or ribbon and a crocheted i-cord which I think is pretty cool.

The Beachside Shorts

Free Pattern by Yarns and Things Blog

I think stripes look really good on shorts here! With a single ball of yarn like this it must be easier without all the colour changes. The pattern caters for all sizes but recommends trying on as you go to get a fit just for you! The tedious but still fun part of crafting your own clothes! These shorts consist of simple stitches and only involves sewing the legs and waist together, so I would say its a beginner level project!

Shell Shorts

I love the texture of these shorts! This is an intermediate project but the shell stitches used only consist of chains, single and double crochets so they are easily formed! This is what makes it work up quickly too. Like the other shorts, a lightweight yarn works for making them a cool summer pair to wear to the beach but its entirely up to you! I think a stripy design with different colours for every row would look nice here.

Minty Fresh Shorts

Free Pattern by Hook Yarn Carabiner

This is such a cool pattern as it consists of crocheting four squares that are then filled it to create these shorts. Its done as simple as it sounds! The pattern can also be made into shorts or a skirt, a great opportunity to play around with the kind of garment you want here. The designer also describes them as easy to adjust, for if you want your shorts longer in the leg or high waisted.

Summer Breeze Shorts

Free Pattern by Furls Crochet

This pattern makes a super fun pair of airy shorts that will be perfect for the beach! It includes a super easy method to creating an i-cord which is used to tie the shorts around the waist. This one is again made of four sections that are then sewn together at the end with an added waistband. By using a larger hook size of 5mm and being this intricate design, they work up quickly!

Manaya Short Pants

Free Pattern by Hobbii

In the colour-changing yarn these shorts look so cool! They are an intermediate project and only crocheted using one 200g ball of yarn. They are listed on the Hobbii website which is a craft store and subscribing to their mailing list is how to access the pattern, but I thought I’d list this as an option for you!

Ruffled Shorts (and top)

This matching set is so cute! Together and of course separately if you wanted to wear the frilly shorts with a different top or vice versa with the crochet top with your favourite pair of jeans. The shorts are made of two pieces, joined and the frills added after. A crocheted i-cord similar to the other patterns is added here.